DIY Frame Hooks

  I haven’t done any home projects in two months because I’ve been finishing writing my book! Friends, let me tell you, that took every ounce of my physical, mental, creative and emotional energy, so thank you for sticking with me through that whole process because it was a wild ride! And prepare for preorders […]

Black Painted Planters!

When we bought our new home in the winter last year, the pool was closed. These planters were already here. The homeowners showed us these concrete planters and told us that they sat next to the pool and are waterfalls. So basically, you plant flowers in the top of them, then water comes through the […]

Painting Our Trex Deck!

Our deck is about 11 years old, and it’s made of Trex, which many say you should never have to change or replace. But it’s brown…. and many of you know by know that I have an aversion to brown. LOL. Plus, brown just didn’t look good with our new colors of black, grey, and […]

Comfortable, Classy, and Colorful – My Living Room Reveal!

The first two days that we lived in our new home… this is what it looked like. The beige tones and carpet just weren’t my style. What I knew about redoing this room was that I wanted to make sure the living room floors matched the rest of the first floor of our home. I […]

My Craft Room Makeover Reveal

The new home that we purchased had a home office, which we recently revealed here, and it also had what could be considered a second home office right off of the kitchen and open to the kitchen. Instead of keeping that a second office we decided to turn that into a craft room for #OhAva. […]

Finally!!! My Home Office Reveal – A Feminine Workspace for the Girl who Loves Glam

I cannot wait another second to reveal my home office to you!!     When we moved into the office it was dark and brown and I really wanted to lighten up the space and make it ME.    So you may remember that the fabulous Amy Murry (from @AmyMurryDesigns) gifted me a desk in […]