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Fur Bench Jennifer Allwood



I have been seeing fur covered benches for sale everywhere. And if you know me, you know fur totally lines up with my gaudy glam style. 

There are a ton of fur benches that you can buy at the bottom of this post.

But I had this boring white bench that I got at a garage sale for $10.

I decided I would jazz it up!


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DIY Fur Covered Bench | Magic Brush
I went to Joann’s Crafts and took this picture. Since I am not a recover-er (is that a word??), I needed to be sure this was what I needed and you told me it was! This stuff is pricey, so measure the top of your bench and only buy what you need. If you want to order it online, go to THIS LINK. It’s white, but the same thing!


DIY Fur Covered Bench | Magic Brush

I wanted gaudy, wild, fur fabric. This kind that looks like wild poodle fur! You can buy WHITE fur online here or the GRAY that I used online here.

I bought I think a yard and a third…. just enough to fold over the edges of the bench.

Then we literally stapled it on.

Soooooooooooooo stinkin’ easy. And as always, Mr Magic was a trooper!


We did the Facebook LIVE video above on my Facebook page showing you EXACTLY how we recovered it!

And these are the only other tools we used! (I know, the kitchen knife is interesting, but it worked!)

DIY Fur Covered Bench | Magic Brush

DIY Fur Covered Bench | Magic Brush

I have literally moved this bench into so many spots in my home because it’s so cute and versatile!!!

Here in my entryway on our last home’s new hardwood floors.


DIY Fur Covered Bench | Magic Brush

At Christmastime I put it in my dining room with my favorite Christmas decor.


DIY Fur Covered Bench | Magic Brush

Here is how it looks with my new black dining room ceiling (still freaking out over how much I love that!)


Fur Bench Jennifer Allwood

And in my new house it’s in the office with my blue desk, which you can read the story of that here




If you aren’t really much of a diy’er, but you are a total buyer…. here are some fun shopping links to benches that you can buy: 


Whether you buy it or make it, fur benches are hot!

Update: I got another fur bench for our new home’s walk-in closet, see it here



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Find more luxe furnishings and faux fur on my Pinterest Board: Gaudy Glam & Hollywood Luxe.

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