Hi,  I’m Jennifer Allwood.

I’m a mom, a wife and a creative person in Kansas City, Missouri who has completely transitioned my decorative painting business to the online space in the last 4 years.

I had an “ah ha” moment 4 years ago when my painting company, The Magic Brush, was working in a client’s home.  It became very obvious to me that the only way I could make more money was if we were physically painting more.

And yet I did not have the capacity to work any more hours , take on any more clients or spread myself any thinner than what I already was.  Plus, I didn’t love managing a crew. I knew there HAD to be a better way.

So I decided to transition to the online space where I would have the ability to serve clients ANYWHERE…. not just in the Kansas City area.

I worked strategically on building my social media platform where I now have over a half of a million followers.  And I began to sell DIY painting videos that quickly went to a 6 figure business.  Other creatives took notice of what was happening in my business and began asking me for advice and strategy and to coach them.

As I began saying yes to coaching and mentoring, I quickly realized this is where my passion is– encouraging women to do the hard things, encouraging them to walk in the God-given talents they have and to live out the destiny that they have been called to.

I have the honor of coaching 3000+ business owners every month in my coaching groups on how to use the online space to grow their business, make more sales and make more by working less.

At the end of the day, I get to do the 2 things that I would do…. even if no one paid me. Decorate my home and encourage women.

What could be better than that?

I live in Kansas City, MO with my husband Jason (or Mr. Magic as my Facebook followers named him) and our 3 wild kiddos, Noah, Easton and Ava and our goldendoodle Stella.

You can catch me on Fox 4 local TV station on occasion, on my podcast weekly and on my painting blog at www.themagicbrushinc.com

What I do…

Business Coaching

I went very quickly from a decorative painter to a 7-figure business owner online. I am hired by national brands to blog to do live video streaming in their stores and make a great income from affiliate marketing online. So many people were asking me how I did it that I began to offer online coaching groups in 2015. I now coach 2,000+ creatives a month in my Creators’ Inner Circle program where I teach creative business owners how to grow their online platform and make money online. And have had the honor of going even deeper with hundreds of biz owners in my crazy successful Creators’ Roadmap course where I teach people how to implement passive revenue streams into their creative business. I am convinced that we are more than crafters, more than diy’ers and painters and makers. We have the ability and the responsibility to teach what we do and profit from it! I also run a mastermind for 18 creatives that is closed until 2019!

The Magic Brush

I teach people how to paint and decorate!  I owned a decorative painting company in Kansas City for 17 years and was an OG (original gangster) in the furniture painting world. I’ve blogged about painting and decorating for over a decade and have had the honor of being on television and in many publications for our painting work. I honestly believe your house is a huge representation of who you are and how your house feels directly affects how YOU feel living in it. I enjoy teaching people how to paint and craft and diy their home. And how to make their home look like it was professionally done.  Join me in my Paint Finish of the Month group to learn new painting techniques every month!


I bought my first house at the age of 21.

I used to be a Baton Twirler, I even twirled 2 at a time and fire batons!

I first learned to swim at the age 39.

Since then I have completed 9 triathlons.

If I was stuck on a desert island, I would want raw chocolate chip cookie dough.

I hate the color purple.

I wanted to be a therapist or a children’s book writer.

I equally love music from the Beastie Boys, Vanilla Ice, and Hillsong.

I have done the Heimlich maneuver on 3 people – 2 of which were strangers. You want me in the room if you are choking.

If I had to live anywhere other than Kansas City, I would live in the mountains of Colorado.

We still want to adopt a 4th child.

I am obsessed with our goldendoodle Stella.

I hate love stories and prefer war movies, bank robberies, and Jason Bourne binges any day of the week!


Dear Creative Entrepreneur,

I can still remember sitting in a cubicle 17 years ago and dreaming about owning my own decorative painting company. Once I was a business owner tho, I can remember feeling very alone. There were so many things that I was unprepared to deal with. Hiring and competition and marketing and taxes. It felt very BIG and I felt very small.

So I turned to the place we all turn when I needed answers…. google. Lol. I googled “prayers for entrepreneurs”. And when I didn’t find what I was looking for, the Lord told me to write what I needed. And so I did. I know my prayers for creative entrepreneurs will bless you and your business. Get your free copy emailed to you by filling out the information here.