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As many of you know, we had a business conference for women of faith, called Equipped Conference, in May! We were trying to get the outside of the house all looking perfect because we were going to have around 90 people here! You can see how we painted the exterior of the house HERE and how we painted the deck HERE.

We had our friend Ryan build a really cool backdrop for photos on the night of the VIP event and we knew we needed a pop of color in some of the photos. So, I wanted to have some really bright-colored pots with some greenery in them. 

photo backdrop with pink painted pots and pool in the background conference speakers posing for a photo in front of backdrop and pink painted pots

We needed a punch of color for some of the pictures that would be taken during the VIP night at our house!!! 

old, beaten up pots before being painted

We had several pots that looked like this in the garage. Maybe you have some that are sitting in your garage or basement that have been beaten up by the weather and could use a facelift??

pots being spray painted pink

rustoleum spray paint can

We decided to paint them with this hot pink color. It’s Rustoleum spray paint in Satin Magenta and it’s seriously my NEW FAVORITE. Anytime you’re spray painting like this, make sure you’re doing several light coats of paint so it doesn’t run. We ended up doing 3 light coats on each of these pots!!

And if you have old pots, this is such a great way to freshen them up and give them a punch of color.

pink painted pots with plants in them, next to pool lounge area

I LOVE how our pink painted pots look sitting outside, next to the pool!! This fresh coat of spray paint was just what they needed to give them some new life!

Our next post is going to be all about our black painted pots, so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss that one!!!


Here’s a Pinterest graphic for you if you want to pin this to one of your project boards!

Spray painted pink painted pots


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