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Monday Fire 75: The Art of Scrappiness

I got a DM from a lady recently who heard me say something on one of my podcasts in the Spring and it literally motivated her to start a small business THAT weekend. And then of course corona hit and

Episode 193: Facebook vs. Parler with Rachel Miller & Brian Dixon

My inbox has been blowing up lately with people asking me my thoughts on Parler, the new social media app that’s kind of like Twitter! I know Parler has had a TON of traffic the last few days—not

Monday Fire 74: Come Out of Hiding

I have a word from the Lord for someone today: and that’s to come out of hiding! 2020 has been such a dumpster fire that it’s been easy to use hiding as an excuse. Kids have been home from

Episode 192: Not Getting Engagement on Instagram? Here’s how to fix it.

Are you not getting engagement on Instagram? Today I’ll tell you why that’s happening and give you three strategies you can use right now to get your engagement back! Also- I’m gi

Monday Fire 73: Where Do You Put Your Hope?

So WHOOPS this episode was supposed to come out the day before the election but things got switched up! I can blame 2020 right?? BUT things don’t have to be perfect, and even though it’s been almo

Bonus Episode: Would You Rather Be Right or Righteous?

Would you rather be right or righteous? One is God-centered and the other is to be self-centered. Between the election and the holiday season, there will be many opportunities to be right or righteous

Episode 191: You Be You With Jamie Ivey 

Today I’m interviewing bestselling author and host of the popular “The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey” podcast. We are talking about her new book, You Be You: Why Satisfaction and Success Are Closer

Monday Fire 72: What to Do When You Experience Spiritual Warfare

 Most of you know that we recently did a five-day challenge, but what you might not know is that Team Allwood experienced major spiritual warfare during that week. While many women were getting a b

Bonus Episode: What I’m Praying for this Election Season

It’s a special BONUS episode today on The Jennifer Allwood Show! I asked a while ago if you would like a podcast talking about how I’m praying during the election season and I wanted to share that

Episode 190: The Many Faces of Facebook with Mackinzie Burke

Has anyone else been super frustrated with how we have SIX different apps just to use all of Facebook’s features? You may have noticed Facebook recently updated from Creator Studio to Facebook B

Monday Fire 71: When God Wakes You Up At Night

Lately, I’ve been waking up regularly in the middle of the night feeling like I need to pray. I’ve been hearing many of you say the same thing as well! Friends, If the Lord is waking you up in the

Episode 189: 5 Things I Learned From My First Challenge

 If you’ve been thinking about creating a challenge on Facebook then you’re going to want to learn these lessons I learned from my first ever Facebook challenge! We decided done was better than

Monday Fire 70: Why You Need More than A Sexy Strategy

 Today I want to talk to you about what I learned from the War Room, which was part of my five day Boost Your Biz Challenge. A lot of small business owners want to grow their business with a sexy s

Episode 188: The Time for Black Friday Strategy is Now

 Today I’m giving you my Black Friday predictions and giving you advice on what you need to do to prepare for Black Friday as a small business owner. This year, EVERYTHING is going to be differen

Monday Fire 69: The Fear of The Restart 

This week in my Inner Circle call, I had two different women talk about how they are afraid to take action. I’m calling this FOR: “the fear of the restart!” One woman said she is nervous to thro

Episode 187: Starting a Mastermind with Aaron Walker

Today on the podcast I’m introducing you to my new friend, Aaron Walker. Aaron started his first business at 18 and sold it to a Fortune 500 company nine years later. Since then he has started 12 ot

Monday Fire 68: Don’t Miss the Window

Today I want to unpack a word the Lord gave me, which was “don’t miss the window.” I’m a business coach and I see a window for every business owner willing to make a pivot right now into the o

Episode 186: Why Are You Working For Free?

This podcast is for the woman who is scared to sell or feels stuck when it comes to business and finances. I want to go over some money mindsets reasons why you are not charging enough for your servic

Monday Fire 67: Mountaintop Lessons

 Recently I went to Colorado for my mastermind! My business buddy and I went for a hike and let me tell ya—it wasn’t easy! While hiking up the mountain I felt like God was speaking to me. God s

Episode 185: Ari’s Adoption Story with Mr. Magic

Today Mr. Magic is joining me to talk about our adoption story! It’s been a long process but soooo worth it! We know many of you have been on this journey with us so we wanted to sit down to go over

Monday Fire 66: God Is With You In The Transition

Okay, so this may be one of the weirdest podcasts of all time. I’m an encourager and sometimes the Lord uses weird analogies to help me encourage other women. Even though it might be strange, at the

Episode 184: Relational Intelligence with Dr. Dharius Daniels

I can’t even contain my excitement for today’s podcast! My guest today is someone I admire so much, Dr. Dharius Daniels! He is the founder and Lead Pastor at Change Church. We are going to talk ab

Monday Fire 65: How to Speak Out

If you’ve been following me recently on social media you’ll know I’ve been speaking out about hypocrisy in our nation. As an introvert, I hate confrontation. I’m not brave, but I have a heart

Episode 183: Instagram Do’s & Don’ts

 Let’s talk about Instagram strategy! What I have found is that many people are using the wrong Instagram strategies! This hurts my heart because you’re putting time and effort into som

Monday Fire 64: Winter is Coming

I have a word from the Lord for someone today. I was out on a “wog”—that’s a walk-jog for those of you who don’t know. Lol! I was praying and heard the Lord say “winter

Episode 182: People Pleasing with Susie Moore

Today I am introducing you to Susie Moore, author of Stop Checking Your Likes: Shake Off the Need for Approval and Live an Incredible Life, to discuss people-pleasing. We are discussing a few differe

Monday Fire 63: Social Distancing without Emotional Distancing

I have been working to dig myself out of some deep feelings and I want to share some of what I am doing. During these times of social distancing, we are all out of whack. Those who need lots of intera

Episode 181: Perfectionism or Pride

Raise your hand high if you know you are a perfectionist!! This podcast was made for you! Being a perfectionist can be one of the hardest traits to learn to navigate. You are constantly battling yours

Monday Fire 62: Mind Games

Lately, it is all about the coping strategies for me. And the Lord game me a word for some of you who I know need some help when it comes to coping. So one thing I do, and this has served me when for

Episode 180: Transitioning and Transforming with Laura Meyer

August should be filled with last-minute summer vacays and back-to-school shopping and orientations. Instead, the world is still at unease, and so many are still left with many unknowns. In the busine

Monday Fire 61: Response to Cancel Culture

This is a message of reflection and encouragement for believers. The online shaming and cancel culture in social media is rampant and sooooo not okay. Adults and kids both are being sucked in. As some

Episode 179: Do’s and Don’ts of Influencer Marketing

I learn a lot from the questions I get asked in my DM’s, which leads to this podcast. I get asked quite often about being sent products in the hopes that I will review and share them online. Wit

Monday Fire 60: Take Control Where You Can

In the last several months, I have been doing something that is a little embarrassing. You’re going to have to listen to find out what it is, but basically I have been coping with feeling like I

Episode 178: Dream Big with Bob Goff

Today I sat down with Bob Goff, author of Dream Big, to talk about life. Bob discusses finding your authentic intent and running with it. For him, that meant being truly available to others. He even p

Monday Fire 59: Holding Two Emotions at Once

You can feel two different emotions simultaneously. You can want two things at the same time that are not in alignment with one another. I can want to go on vacation, but also want to be safe. I can f

Episode 177: 5 Ways to Keep Your Peace in a Crazy World

Learning to keep peace within ourselves is soooo important right now, friends! We need to give each other, but even more importantly ourselves, some serious grace. For some that is very hard. We expe

Monday Fire 58: First in Family

 Who is the first one in their family to do something…a pioneer? I want to take a few minutes to encourage you and let you know you are not alone. Being the first can be hard. We probably all

Episode 176: The World is Watching, So Give Them Something Good to Watch

Hey Friends! For today’s podcast, I wanted to shake it up a little bit by sharing a chapter from my book, Fear Is Not the Boss of You. In this chapter, I really hit home that people are ALWAYS w

Monday Fire 57: To All Who Are Weary

 I am weary. There, I said it. Now, for the most part, I am totally okay, and I know that eventually, everything will be okay. I am just weary. The last several months are taking a toll. I am inter

Episode 175: Understanding the Difference Between a Business Coach and a Business Consultant 

This is my third podcast episode about having a business coach. Why? Because it is so stinkin’ crucial to your success! Today I want to focus on the difference between a business coach and a bus

Monday Fire 56: Reframe Shame

I want to take a few minutes today to help you reframe your shame. First, you need to know there is a difference e between shame and guilt. Shame is used by the enemy to keep you stuck…to keep y

Episode 174: What Is A Calling with Paula Faris

In today’s podcast, we are talking with Paula Faris about how she left her 2 amazing dream jobs to be obedient to God.  She had to learn it’s ok to love what you do, but how to not let th

Monday Fire 55: Pivoting is Much Easier than Being Plucked

If you have been around for a hot minute, you know I am big on pivoting when God tells you to. I have several podcast episodes around the idea of pivoting and in today’s climate, it can be extre

Episode 173: My 5 Favorite Biz Tools

Today I want to share the biz tools I am loving lately. These are things that let me work smarter, not harder! The biz world has so many companies creating things to help with the online space that it

Monday Fire 54: The Value of Repentance and Obedience

This week I was thinking of ways we measurement different things and I really focused on some of the ways we measure Christlike behavior. The Lord really spoke to me about repentance and obedience. Yo

Episode 172: Keys to Hosting a Successful Online Event

Friends!  If there ever was a time to have an online event, it’s right now! The world is a bit chaotic and most states still have limits for gathering sizes, but people are wanting and needing

Monday Fire 53: The Messy Middle

In the past few days, God has been using the messy times in the history of my marriage to Jason to remind me and teach me what I need to be doing right now. Jason and I have never come out of hard tim

Episode 171: Creating the Job You Want with Cathy Heller

In today’s podcast, I chat with Cathy Heller about how she grew her multi-million dollar, successful business while having 3 small kids. She had a dream of songwriting and moved to LA to accompl

Monday Fire 52: Retreating and Reloading

I want to talk about the value of retreating and reloading. Retreating can have a negative connotation, but it really can have soooooo much value! When you retreat you are able to find a new perspecti

Episode 170: Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Biz in the Online Space

You don’t know what you don’t know! But I am here to help. With world events changing the way we are now doing business, many more people are working in the online space.  Whether you&#82

Monday Fire 51: God Has Awful Timing

Timing is everything. Even more so during this pandemic. Today I want to talk about God’s timing. It seems to me that God’s timing never matches my own. Anyone else? But what I have found to be tr

Episode 169: Keys to Copywriting with Tarzan Kay

Building an email list can be so powerful for your business. Emailing is a great way to engage with your customers and build the know/like/trust factor that is so critical. I don’t want you to l

Monday Fire 50: If Not Mom, Then Who?

I know Mother’s Day was last week, but today I wanted to talk about the importance of mothers modeling courage to their children. We outsource a lot of teaching—Spanish, horseback riding, and

Episode 168: How to be a Leader with Vision with Michael Hyatt

In today’s podcast, I am talking with the legend, Michael Hyatt, about his new book The Vision Driven Leader. Having clarity in your vision is important whether you have a large business, small

Monday Fire 49: Confidence is a Crock of Crap

This week I want to break down one of my favorite chapters in my book…chapter 6 all about courage. The world craves confidence. Confidence sells and confidence is what people think is the key. B

Episode 167: How to Not be Discouraged When Starting Small

With the world in such disarray, so many people are shifting the ways they learn, sell, teach, create, communicate, etc. This makes it the perfect time to start something new especially if you’r

Monday Fire 48: Don’t Let Anyone Should On You

I had a comment in my DMs this past week telling me what I “should”  and “should not” be doing as a business owner right. While I want to extend grace to and think the best of

Episode 166: Importance of Being Honest, Real, and Relevant When Pivoting Your Business with Erin Sanderson

2020 will forever be the year of pivoting! Many businesses are making big changes during these COVID-19 times, but change happens all the time and it doesn’t have to be scary. Sometimes we have

Monday Fire 47: 2 Action Steps to Combat Fear and Find Encouragement

As we go into yet another week of this pandemic, I see that fear is really increasing. When will we return to normal? Will it really be “normal” again? What will happen to my business? I w

Episode 165: Kidpreneur: Start, Run, and Grow Your Own Business with Noah and Easton Allwood

 Using the online space for business isn’t just for adults. Teens can benefit greatly by using their passion to create and grow a business. Kids now are being raised in this tech-savvy world

Monday Fire 46: Are You in a Season of Run or Rest?

I am seeing on social media lately what I am calling productivity shaming. There are those that are saying everyone needs to use this “gift” of time to be doing something big like losing w

Episode 164: What To Do With Your Free Facebook Group

Some of you LOVE your free Facebook group and are doing amazing with it and I am so happy for you. For those that hate it, it’s ok to let it go!!!  I’ll say it again, it’s ok if you

Monday Fire 45: Crisis Can Catapult Us Into Our Calling

I was being interviewed recently and said that I believe crisis can catapult us into our calling. This was a new thought for me, but when I look at my life, I can see that big changes and shifts were

Episode 163: Are You Stuck?

I want to give you a little gift. This is chapter 1 of my book, Fear Is Not the Boss of You. This book has been 4 years in the making and it is finally time to launch, even if it is in the middle of a

Monday Fire 44: The Year of the Great Divide

I have had a word in my heart and I think this is the right time to share it. There are so many things right now that are dividing us as a society. Politics, opinions on COVID-19 and how to handle it,

Episode 162: How to Sustain Brick and Mortar Business During COVID-19 Crisis with Stacy Tuschl

With so many cities continuing Stay-at-Home orders, many of brick and mortar locations are having to temporarily close their doors.  This is a very stressful time for those business owners and their

Monday Fire 43: Find the Silver Lining

I wanted to start this morning off with a little bit of hope and positive thinking. I want to take a few minutes to find the silver lining. Everyone has a certain level of loss right now. We are all g

Episode 161: How to Sustain Your Business through Unsettling Times

I am not sure there has ever been a time when being flexible and making pivots has been more important than right now. In order to sustain through these unsettling times and any other craziness that i

Monday Fire 42: How to Keep Your Inner Peace in a World Full of Panic

I want to take a moment today to give you some actionable steps and advice during the crazy and bizarre event we are living through right now. We can either look for peace or let ourselves spiral in p

Episode 160: Effect of Coronavirus on Small Businesses—What You Can Do

We are in some wild and crazy times right now. There are soooooo many thoughts and feelings and fears and frustrations. I just wanted to take a few minutes in my little slice of the interwebs to talk

Monday Fire 41: Have You Ever Been Pain Shamed?

Times are pretty crazy right now and people are handling it in so many different ways. But one thing I want us all to keep in check is pain-shaming or playing the hardship olympics. There is always so

Episode 159: Why You Should Not Rely Solely on Etsy to Sell Your Goods Part 2

If you have followed me for a hot minute, you know I am a firm believer of never putting all your eggs in one basket. When you use someone else’s platform to sell your goods, you have to follow thei

Monday Fire 40: When Distraction Is Good

 Sometimes the enemy can use distraction to take your focus off where it needs to be. However, I think God can also use something in our lives as a way to distract us in a good way. Right now I am

Equipped Special Series: Meet Your Speakers—Jordan Lee Dooley

The last Equipped speaker I want you to get to know is Jordan Lee Dooley. I learned so much already just in this short podcast episode. I can’t wait to hear what she shares from the stage in jus

Episode 158: Business Basics: What to Have Right From the Start

So often what starts out as a hobby doing what we love, explodes into a business before we even know what happened. Then we are stuck trying to backpedal to make things right! That is why it is so im

Monday Fire 39: Turn Failure into Success in Training

I just love it when God gives me a whole idea from something seemingly small like a workout move. I was trying to follow along with my Peloton app and was really making a mess of this particular exerc

Equipped Special Series: Meet Your Speakers—Jami Nato

The next Equipped speaker I want you to meet is Jami Nato. Jami’s story and message have it all—infidelity, loving the Lord, learning how to use pain to grow closer to God, using your unique t

Episode 157: 4 Ways to Handle a Disgruntled Customer

If you follow me on Instagram or YouTube, you know a few weeks ago I did some videos talking about how within 6 months I’ve lost half my hair. I am watching very closely what’s going on with the D

Monday Fire 38: When Something is Out of Alignment

Have you ever entered a password and thought you have it right, but it didn’t work? Or, do you remember old padlocks where if you were just one tiny click off, the lock wouldn’t open? I wa

Equipped Special Series: Meet Your Speakers—Jaime Cross

This Friday I am introducing you to another new friend! Jaime Cross is has a faith that is so inspirational. Basically she asked God for a billion-dollar business idea and that is just what she got. B

Episode 156: 4 Ways to Protect Your Business in the Online Space

There are so many unknowns as an entrepreneur—truly things we have no control over. I want to talk today about really focusing on the things we DO have control over in an effort to protect our busin

Monday Fire 37: Don’t Let People Use Your Faith as a Weapon Against You

I have seen something several times lately that I am not okay with. It is people using someone’s faith as a way to guilt or shame them into doing something. This form of manipulation should not

Equipped Special Series: Meet Your Speakers—Lisa Whittle

Another Friday, another Equipped Speaker intro. Lisa is a new friend that I absolutely cannot wait to meet in real life! On this special Friday episode, we talk all about a big theme in Lisa’s l

Episode 155: 3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Writing a Book

You know how sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know?!? Well, there were certainly quite a few things I didn’t know when writing my book, Fear Is Not the Boss of You. And

Monday Fire 36: Don’t Use Your Faith as an Excuse to Not Have Boundaries

In the last few weeks, I have come across several women who are using their faith as an excuse to not grow their businesses and not have boundaries in their businesses. I am all for giving things away

Equipped Special Series: Meet Your Emcee—Kelsey Humphreys

For the next few Fridays, I will be introducing some new friends—the emcee and speakers for my Equipped Conference! We are starting off with the emcee, Kelsey. Not only does she have some of the bes

Episode 154: Best Social Media Content for 2020

Content is king when it comes to reach and engagement on social media. I want to give you 3 great content ideas that are by far the best for 2020! I am actually not only giving the content ideas, but

Monday Fire 35: Vault of Courage

Have you ever noticed that the enemy is just waiting for you to gain momentum and get the courage to do something you know God wants you to do, only so he can put a stop to it? He will steal, kill, an

Episode 153: Using Multiple Revenue Streams to Grow your Business with Stacey Collins

I absolutely love any time I get to interview my students and coaching clients who are killing it in the online space. I feel like such a proud mama. Stacey’s interview definitely did not disapp

Monday Fire 34: Money Mindset Series: Are you Scared to Sell?

If you think you are ready for what is next in your business, here is a big hurdle you need to overcome—you cannot be scared to sell! Unfortunately, some of us (mostly women) attach our personal wor

Episode 152: What is Affiliate Marketing and Why You Need it in Your Business

I love to talk about revenue streams all day long! Today I want to talk about one of the easiest passive income streams you can add to your business right away—affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketi

Special Series: Revenue Rundown

Video 1  Video 2 Video 3 Video 4 Right now my free video series is being released and I wanted you to be able to listen right here on the podcast! I am sharing all about 7 ways you can make money i

Monday Fire 33: Money Mindset Series: God is a God of Order

My pastor is a great man and he always says that God is a God of order and that order affects outcome. We have been focusing these Monday in January on money mindset and specifically on Proverbs 13:22

Episode 151: Family, Life, Health, and Business with Chalene Johnson

Interviewing Chalene Johnson is a dream come true. She has so much wisdom to share. She is real and relatable and an open book when talking about her journey in business and in health. She is a resear

Monday Fire 32: Money Mindset Series: Change Your Poverty Language

One goal with this Money Mindset series is to help you position yourself in a way where you are ready to receive money and steward it well. In more than one place, the Bible says, “Out of the de

Episode 150: Networking in the Online Space

Networking online is all about building relationships and connecting with others. There is so much value in having other business owners in your online circle of friends. Not only does it give you a s

Monday Fire 31: Money Mindset Series: Refuse a Poverty Mindset

Proverbs 13:22 The wealth of the wicked is stored up for the just. Friends, this scripture had been on my heart lately. There is plenty of money to go around and it is being stored up somewhere. I wan

Episode 149: Time Hacks to Start 2020 Off Right

 Time is a key commodity to us all! As moms and wives and friends and entrepreneurs, time management is a constant struggle. While I can’t make more minutes in the day, I can give you some ha

Episode 148: Prayer Time Highlights: Perspective, Resistance, Moving On, & Margin

I have been praying over on my Facebook page every morning lately and God has given me a lot to share during these times. For those of you who have missed some of the messages or even for those who ha

Episode 147: Million Dollar Business with Kelly Roach

I have someone I want to introduce to you this week. I heard her name several times recently and then we met in real life and I knew I wanted to have her on the show! Kelly Roach is doing business rig