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Listen in for business strategies and interviews with small business experts to help you build a business and a life that you love. It’s my hope that you will find encouragement every single time you listen!

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The Jennifer Allwood Show

My weekly podcast show is filled with business advice, mindset guidance and inside know-how from experts to help you run a profitable creative business. Tune in wherever you like to listen!

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Marty Meyer

I just finished listening to the podcast “How To Pivot Your Business” and it’s worth every 33 min of your time!
Jennifer is real, and her communication style is straight up and no fluff! I felt like I was sitting in her living room.
Thank you Jennifer for living Jesus and others! Your message is hope filled and changes lives!

Brandy Hampton

Through Jennifer’s podcast I’ve been encouraged to push forward and to pause and enJOY the life I’ve worked so hard to build. Now, with 8yrs in my business that’s grown more than what I ever planned, 15+ part time team members, an amazing side opportunity position in the same industry, 3 awesome managers later... I’m still finding myself working 7 days a week. How do I pause to enjoy the life I’ve built?

Clarisse Gomez

Jennifer, host of The Jennifer Allwood Show podcast, highlight all aspects of business and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Nicole Gierhan

Jen, you always find a way to slip straight to my heart. Your messages are just the right amount of heartfelt and sassiness. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your words and prayers. You truly are a blessing in all aspects of my life.

Melinda Dent

Found Jennifer Allwood just when I needed her most. I have been praying to God for guidance, help, answers, words of wisdom…ANYTHING! “God, please speak to me!” has been my prayer for a week now. Enter Jennifer Allwood with the messages I needed to hear when I needed them the most. Thank you, Jennifer, for being a vessel for God’s message to women everywhere.

Kristy Marcotte

I absolutely love Jennifer’s podcast! Her business wisdom and insight based on God’s Word is amazingly motivating! It’s a weekly spiritual kick in my business butt! And I look forward to a new episode every week! Thank you, Jennifer! I am so grateful and a total superfan!

Allyssum Mae

Jennifer’s podcast is the real business and life advice you didn’t know you needed! She makes every episode relatable and I learn something every time. Thank you, Jennifer, for speaking what’s on your heart without worrying about what others will think; you’re an inspiration! Love this podcast!

Lori Horton

As a follower of and member of all things Jennifer Allwood, I want you to know that I am so thankful to have you in my life daily. In these crazy times, I am finding it hard to stay tuned into a lot of coaches, inspirational leaders that I follow. But, not you sister… You stay true to God’s Word and your own heart. True to your personal relationship with our Lord and that is so beautiful. You are truly a blessing!



Business Growth Jennifer Allwood
Podcastcreative entrepreneur

Episode 254 | Planting Seeds For Future Business Growth

Business growth is the goal, now isn't it? I want to encourage you to not until  its go-time before you let your audience in to what you've got for them. Planting seeds is Biblical, my friend. The concept of planting and harvesting for growth can absolutely be implemented in your…
Ashlee Fay Jennifer Allwood Tumblers

Episode 253 | Turning Tumblers Into 6 Figures With Ashlee Fay

Tumblers turned 6 figures. Friends, all the things are possible in business. Today, on the podcast, I have a fantastic conversation with 6 figure earner, Ashlee Fay. Ashlee built a very successful biz with a negative bank account and has a true testimony to how hard work and perseverance pays…
social media

Episode 252 | Social Media Predictions For 2022

The one thing you can count on in social media is that social media is always changing! The changes in social media happen very fast and it can be hard to stay on top of the new trends and tips, but it's really important that you do pay attention. Today,…
Jennifer Allwood Turo

Episode 251 | Make Money On TURO With Cody Love

Turo might be a way to make money you never knew about. Friends, it is so important to me to help you figure out how to make money in the online space and the pandemic has changed the world in a lot of ways that aren't all terrible. People are…
Jennifer Allwood 250 Podcast

Episode 250 | Celebrating 250 Episodes

I can hardly believe I have done 250 episodes! Friend, I remember when I started this podcast nearly 5 years ago. So many things can happen in 5 years and I really want to talk to you about where I was when I started this journey and where I am…
Brick and Mortar Jennifer Allwood

Episode 249 | Opening A Brick & Mortar With Elle Steadman

Opening a brick & mortar is a huge feat! Can you imagine opening not one, but TWO brick & mortars in the middle of a Pandemic?! Elle Steadman not only imagined it, but did it! Friends, listen, everyone takes steps to push ideas out when they don't know what they're…
reach on instagram jennifer allwood

Episode 248 | Boosting Your Reach On Instagram

Friend, how is your reach on Instagram right now? If you've noticed a change in how many people are seeing you posts...and not for the better...you're right! I, personally have seen this and I want to talk about what I've seen and what I've tried...and most importantly, what's worked for…

Episode 247 | Let’s Talk About Masterminds

Let's talk about Masterminds. Sometimes in order to take your business to that next level it needs to go to...you need a little something more... you need the right group of people in your space, helping to change your game. Committing to a group like this is a huge step…
Jennifer Allwood Christmas

Episode 246 | How To Make Fast Money For Christmas

Friends, the truth of the matter is, this should be a very joyous time of the year, but when there is a struggle financially, it can be very stressful and a robber of that joy. There are a handful of ways you can make some fast cash right now to…
Jennifer Allwood Mastermind

Episode 245 | The Best Takeaways From My Mastermind

I just had an incredible couple of days together with the ladies in my Mastermind and I couldn't wait to share with all of you, some of the great takeaways I received from that time. A Mastermind group can be pivotal in your business and if you've never considered such…
Jennifer Allwood perfect

Episode 244 | Perfect vs. Good Enough

Friends, are you holding back work right now because it's just 'not perfect?' It might be engrained in you that something can't be put out in the world until it's perfect. But let me tell you this...entrepreneurship is the exact opposite of that. Nothing is ever perfect and today, I…
Jennifer Allwood making a decision

Episode 243 | Not Making A Decision Is A Decision

When you're not making a decision, you are, in fact, making a decision. Do you get caught up in this? I want you to be able to go all-in on the decisions you need to make because toggling between all the things will make you unsteady. Give the yes a…