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The Jennifer Allwood Show

Listen in for business strategies and interviews with small business experts to help you build a business and a life that you love. It’s my hope that you will find encouragement every single time you listen!

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The Jennifer Allwood Show

My weekly podcast show is filled with business advice, mindset guidance and inside know-how from experts to help you run a profitable creative business. Tune in wherever you like to listen!

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Episode 443 | Leaving Ramsey, Starting Over, and Coping with ADHD with Christy Wright

Today we have one of my most trusted business friends on the podcast, Christy Wright! Join us as we talk about her leaving Ramsey, the time of unknown in between, and what she is doing now. We’ll also get candid…
PodcastBusiness Trainingcreative entrepreneurMindset

Episode 442 | You Need an Expert

Some of my listeners' biggest challenges right now in business are time management and hiring people. These are more closely related than you might think. Let's break down when you should free up your time and talent by hiring an…
PodcastBusiness Trainingcreative entrepreneurMindset

Episode 441 | Just Say No to Boring Emails

If you want sales…. YOU HAVE TO SEND THE EMAILS.Listen, 75% of our sales come from my email list (not my social media - which has six times the following). So no more excuses. In this episode, I’m giving you…
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Episode 440 | AI and Algorithms with Rachel Miller

Today, I'm joined by the brilliant Rachel Miller to talk about using AI + automations to create marketing tools in less time than a Superbowl commercial and touching on some recent news concerning small business owners from Meta. This episode…
PodcastBusiness Trainingcreative entrepreneurMindset

Episode 439 | The Answer to Your Income Problem

HEADS UP: You're going to need to listen to this episode twice. Let me tell you why: 1.I want you to hear about my BRAND NEW program- Business Breakthrough. We've come up with something completely different and I want you…
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Episode 438 | 5 Mindset Triggers That Are Keeping You Stuck

I'm doing something totally different today! I'm playing back the first day of my Breakthrough Bootcamp where I'm trying to help entrepreneurs figure out what mindset is keeping them stuck in their business right now. Buckle up and let's get…
PodcastBusiness Trainingcreative entrepreneurMindset

Episode 437 | Part 4— Are You the Bottleneck in Your Business?

I’m pulling back the curtain and normalizing failures in business with this 4-part series. I’ll never forget the time my project manager told me, “YOU are the bottleneck in your business”. I was struggling with letting go of the reigns…
Business TrainingPodcastcreative entrepreneurMindset

Episode 436 | Part 3—Knowing When to Let It Go

I’m pulling back the curtain and normalizing failures in business with this 4-part series. Today we’re talking about learning when to let go of something, even if it hurts your ego. 
PodcastBusiness Trainingcreative entrepreneurMindset

Episode 435 | Part 2—Seeing Opportunity Instead of Failure

I’m pulling back the curtain and normalizing failures in business with this 4-part series. Today we’re talking about a time I had to come face-to-face with revamping a fundamental part of my business that was no longer working.
Business Trainingcreative entrepreneurMindsetPodcast

Episode 434 | Part 1—The Time ZERO People Bought…

I’m pulling back the curtain in this 4-part series and normalizing failures in business. Today I’m sharing a time when literally NO ONE bought during my launch.
PodcastBusiness Trainingcreative entrepreneurMindset

Episode 433 | Lessons I Learned From My Failed Book Launch

My book, Fear is Not the Boss of You, celebrated its 4th anniversary this month! Can you believe that?! Today I'm talking about the lessons I learned from its launch (spoiler alert... it did NOT go as planned).
PodcastBusiness Trainingcreative entrepreneurMindset

Episode 432 | Acting on Your Heart’s Desires

Are you in a season of feeling stuck in your business? Give yourself permission to answer the question "What is it that you want"? How would your life look if you walked forward believing that if you delight yourself in…
Marty Meyer

I just finished listening to the podcast “How To Pivot Your Business” and it’s worth every 33 min of your time!
Jennifer is real, and her communication style is straight up and no fluff! I felt like I was sitting in her living room.
Thank you Jennifer for living Jesus and others! Your message is hope filled and changes lives!

Brandy Hampton

Through Jennifer’s podcast I’ve been encouraged to push forward and to pause and enJOY the life I’ve worked so hard to build. Now, with 8yrs in my business that’s grown more than what I ever planned, 15+ part time team members, an amazing side opportunity position in the same industry, 3 awesome managers later... I’m still finding myself working 7 days a week. How do I pause to enjoy the life I’ve built?

Clarisse Gomez

Jennifer, host of The Jennifer Allwood Show podcast, highlight all aspects of business and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Nicole Gierhan

Jen, you always find a way to slip straight to my heart. Your messages are just the right amount of heartfelt and sassiness. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your words and prayers. You truly are a blessing in all aspects of my life.

Melinda Dent

Found Jennifer Allwood just when I needed her most. I have been praying to God for guidance, help, answers, words of wisdom…ANYTHING! “God, please speak to me!” has been my prayer for a week now. Enter Jennifer Allwood with the messages I needed to hear when I needed them the most. Thank you, Jennifer, for being a vessel for God’s message to women everywhere.

Kristy Marcotte

I absolutely love Jennifer’s podcast! Her business wisdom and insight based on God’s Word is amazingly motivating! It’s a weekly spiritual kick in my business butt! And I look forward to a new episode every week! Thank you, Jennifer! I am so grateful and a total superfan!

Allyssum Mae

Jennifer’s podcast is the real business and life advice you didn’t know you needed! She makes every episode relatable and I learn something every time. Thank you, Jennifer, for speaking what’s on your heart without worrying about what others will think; you’re an inspiration! Love this podcast!

Lori Horton

As a follower of and member of all things Jennifer Allwood, I want you to know that I am so thankful to have you in my life daily. In these crazy times, I am finding it hard to stay tuned into a lot of coaches, inspirational leaders that I follow. But, not you sister… You stay true to God’s Word and your own heart. True to your personal relationship with our Lord and that is so beautiful. You are truly a blessing!