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Because I’m such a visual person, I need to have all of my jewelry on display because if it’s tucked away in a drawer or something, I forget what I have and then I never end up wearing it! So, I wanted to share my display with you in case you need some jewelry organization ideas!

lots of colorful jewelry displayed and organized in closet shelf

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So, there’s this little shelf area in my closet in the new house where I can store all my jewelry… Which is super amazing because apparently, I have a lot of it. LOL.

At first, I was at a loss for how to display it. But, I finally found a couple of things that have helped a bunch!!!

Jennifer Allwood holding metal sheet used for earring organization

First of all, I had Jason buy me these metal sheets at Home Depot. They have a couple of different patterns on them, which are super fun. I thought these would be PERFECT to organize and display my earrings so they’re not in a pile or a box getting all tangled up.

metal sheets inside gold frames for earring display

metal sheet holding earrings with hooks on display

Once we had the metal sheets, I found some gold frames from Amazon. I put the metal sheets inside of the frame and started scattering all of my earrings throughout it. Since a lot of my earrings have a lot of tassels, beads, feathers, etc. these are PERFECT to protect them! So, this is what I use for all my earrings that have the little “hook”. For other stud earrings, I just put them in a little dish.

Btw, you can find some of my favorite earrings on my profile linked HERE.

scattered milk glass pieces with gold accents

I’ve been enjoying the hunt for milk glass over the years… I know a lot of the vases, cups, and dishes you see here are probably not legit milk glass, but they look like milk glass and that’s all that matters to me. LOL. It’s actually super easy to find these beautiful pieces at Salvation Army and Goodwill.

mannequin head holding necklases and milk glass vases holding small necklaces

So, I turned some of the milk glass pieces upside down to hold my necklaces. I also have a few gold and white candlesticks scattered throughout my jewelry display for holding necklaces, too. That mannequin was from Ross years ago!

milk glass vases holding bracelets around them

And I loooove using the vases for my bracelets. As long as they have a skinny neck on them, they’re perfect!

gold and white milk glass pieces holding jewelry with funny photoshopped photo of husband in the background

I couldn’t resist sharing this photo with you once I realized that lovely photo of my husband was in the background. LOL. So, we do a white elephant gift exchange with our friends from church every year. And THAT is one of the gifts I’ve received. I figured the best place to put it was somewhere where I see it every day. 🙂 Obviously, it’s photoshopped for those of you wondering!!! 

angel wings and other pieces used as jewelry organizers

The big, tall angel wings were a gift from my mother YEARS AGO and I have no idea where it came from. But something like that is great for long necklaces, too!

sparkly, glass knobs to hold necklaces

We also put some pretty knobs up on the wall to hold longer necklaces. These knobs are similar to what we have in Jason’s closet, which we have a blog post on HERE.

small milk vase used to hold bracelets

I milk glass dish holding rings

I use the shallow milk glass dishes for rings, bracelets, and “extras” that just need a special spot!

So, there ya have it, my friends! This is such an easy way to display lots of jewelry if you’re obsessed with big, colorful, glam jewelry like me!!! 🙂

Feel free to pin this on Pinterest so you can come back to it later!

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