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Hey there!

I’m Jennifer.

I teach Christian women how to build a business online using social media, top-notch strategy and a proven framework all while keeping their faith and family top priority.

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30 Days of Prayer

I always tell my clients that we can’t do our work and follow our dreams without being obedient to His direction. That’s why in this 30 Day Devotional I have included many of the very prayers I have prayed over my business for years. Plus I’ve added quotes, Bible verses and more! If you’ve ever searched for the right words for prayer (especially when it comes to business) I have you covered. Grab this devotion and make a promise to yourself to read at least ONE daily!

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50 Canva Templates

Y’all! Have you ever wondered how everyone has such pretty, curated graphics on their Instagram stories? You know…the ones that make you want to click the linkinbio or SWIPE UP on their story? Yup? Me too! That’s why I have this gift for you! It’s 50 Story templates for you to completely customize with your own branding! Not a graphic designer? No problem — we will also send you a step-by-step video tutorial on how to use/edit these templates to make them totally your own!

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Money Mindset

Soooo you want to earn more money? You KNOW what you need to do but SOMETHING keeps holding you back. Friend, I see you. You aren’t broken; you simply don’t have the right mindset — and that’s easier to shift than you might think. Let’s figure out what’s ACTUALLY holding you back…cuz there IS a deeper issue and it’s likely your thoughts around money. So let’s dive deeper into that. Trust me…this is my JAM! I’ll walk you through 4 key reasons your money mindset is holding you back. This is POWERFUL.

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The Jennifer Allwood Show

My weekly podcast show is filled with business advice, mindset guidance, and inside know-how from experts to help you run a profitable business. The Jennifer Allwood Show has well over 6 million downloads and is full of strategies you need to grow your business.

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Let’s go!

Work with Jennifer

If you want to grow your creative business online but don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place! I’ll help you quit trading time for money and focus on boosting your revenue.

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Dream Biz Blueprint

In our foundational program, the Dream Biz Blueprint, you can take your idea or God-given talent and turn it into a legit biz. We’ll walk you through all the mindset issues you’ll face, plus give you step-by-step instruction on how to do things like name and register your business, create your website and brand guide, and start and build multiple social media platforms.

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The Creators’ Inner Circle

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The Creators’ Inner Circle

If you have just started a business or are working really hard at growing your business in the online space, this members-only coaching group is for you. Learn strategies to grow your social media, your email list and your business in the online space.

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The Better Way Program

The smartest business has more than one revenue stream. Ecclesiastes 11:2 even talks about how we are to have 7 or even 8 streams of revenue! Formerly The Creators’ Roadmap, this comprehensive course will teach you everything you need to know about courses, memberships, digital products, one-on-one coaching, physical products, brand partnerships, ad revenue and monetizing your social media platforms.

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The Better Way Program
Next Level Mastermind

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Next Level Mastermind

If you are already on social media, growing your business and monetizing it, and you just need to learn how to scale, this is the highest level of working with us. Dive deeper into your faith and into your business through this powerful scaling program.

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On-demand virtual assistant services

You were wired to be a creative business owner, so our virtual assistants take care of the things that allow you to focus on the things you love — creating what you love and connecting with your customers and clients.

We can handle the tech-heavy tasks, your piled-up to-do list that keeps you in the weeds every day, or the stuff that you just can’t seem to figure out on your own. If you’re looking for something specific, just shoot us a message.

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The world is selling you a work-hard mentality when what you need is a pray-hard revelation.

Jennifer Allwood

Design the home of your dreams.

My love for home design, interior decorating and DIY projects runs deep, which is why I’ve compiled everything that I love over at Jennifer Allwood Home. There you’ll find my signature line of home decor and my home design blog that will give you color, patterns and everything anti-farmhouse.

Go Glam, Go Bold

Livethe life you were made for

Discover how to get unstuck and over your fear in Jennifer Allwood’s book Fear is Not the Boss of You. Learn more about this transformational, tough-love guide or order your copy now via the link below.

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