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white planters next to pool area

When we bought our new home in the winter last year, the pool was closed. These planters were already here. The homeowners showed us these concrete planters and told us that they sat next to the pool and are waterfalls. So basically, you plant flowers in the top of them, then water comes through the front. We had no idea what they were gonna look like when they were by the pool and working but they sounded super cool.

Once it warmed up, we had our pool opened and the pool people hooked the planters up! The plumbing is INSIDE of the planter if that makes sense so it’s not something we wanted to hook up wrong.

white planters next to the pool with flowers planted in them

This is how the planters looked last summer. They look soooo good with flowers planted in them, but I really wanted the pots to show up a little better and contrast with the cement around the pool!

black painted planters with waterfall coming out of it and flowers planted in the top


And as we were preparing our house for the VIP event of my Equipped Conference, we just wanted the planters to stand out a bit more and fit better with our modern style.

So, I spray painted them BLACK on a Facebook Live which you can watch HERE! You all LOVED that Facebook Live, btw. I think you were just waiting for me to fall in the pool as I painted them! LOL!


black waterfall planter next to pink painted pots

They look soooo much better with just a fresh coat of black spray paint. I literally just grabbed whatever black spray paint I had in my stash (Rustoleum Satin Paint + Primer) and gave them a fresh coat. So, never feel like you have to go out and buy new planters if you already have some at home. Just give them a nice coat of spray paint and they will be totally transformed! And I love how much the bright pink flowers stand out now that they’re in black planters.

There you have it, my friend! Go check out the blog post on the pink painted pots HERE! They added the perfect punch of color to the pool area, too.

Here’s a graphic if you want to pin this on Pinterest!!

How to spray paint black planters!


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