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brown trex deck before paint

Our deck is about 11 years old, and it’s made of Trex, which many say you should never have to change or replace. But it’s brown…. and many of you know by know that I have an aversion to brown. LOL.

Plus, brown just didn’t look good with our new colors of black, grey, and white. (post on that coming soon!!!)

So, I took to the internet to find out what my social media friends said about painting Trex. Opinions were totally varied…. half of the people said “Absolutely not. Don’t do it. It will never last”.

And the other half said, “It will stay on and it will look great!”

We were willing to roll the dice and try it! And it turns out that the cost of painting the Trex was minimal compared to the cost of totally replacing it. Even if it just lasts us a summer or two, I’m happy with that.


So, we went about our way to get rid of the brown and make it something that fits our style better. We first picked out a color called Acier and it turned out to be too light. The thing with putting colors outside is everything turns out brighter and lighter than what they would look like on the inside of the house.

We ended up going with Sherwin-Williams SuperDeck Stain in Dovetail, which still looks really light but I love it. The only downside is we can totally see all the paw prints and dirt from Stella. The upside is that it looks SO. MUCH. BETTER. Our deck looks like it lost 40 lbs. LOL.

painting trex deck

So, we can live with the paw prints!!


Our contractors painted the spindles and railings with Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint in Tricorn Black. It completely changed how our deck looks. Tricorn Black is a fantastic color… not all blacks are created equal, my friend!!!


We actually used Tricorn Black in the dining room of our old house and on our barn doors in the old house. You can find those projects HERE and HERE.

We’re super, super happy with how the deck turned out even though we totally took a risk on it!!!

light colored deck

David Nelson and his team have done an incredible job for us in the new home! You can check out their website HERE.

view of the back of the house and deck

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Thanks for being here!!!




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before and after photos of the painted trex deck


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