Paint Trends of 2018

I chatted with 8 painters from across the country recently about what they thought was trending in the painting industry for 2018. We discussed colors, painting techniques and what their most-requested projects are. Each painter specializes in slightly different finishes and projects, from cabinets to furniture. Their styles are completely different and they are all […]

Home Show: Chip & Jo. The Treehouse Master. And I. Oh my!

  Like everyone else in America, I love Chip and Joanna Gaines….. the Fixer Upper phenoms.  Designer extraordinaires. Eater of bugs (did you see that episode??).  And maker of all homes pretty.  The whole wide world is in love with them.  And having met them on 3 occasions now, I can assure you they are […]

Need to clean paint brushes with dried paint on them??? I have the fix for you!!!!

  So last week I finished painting this buffet for my Paint Finish of the Month Club.  And in typical #hotmess fashion, I was so excited to get the piece put back together and get the top decorated that I failed to wash my paint brushes out right away. Dang the luck.  Someone please tell […]

I know you were doubting me (but check out my buffet now!)

  I know that the idea of me painting this buffet hit some of you straight in the gut.  I got tons of Facebook comments telling me I was “ruining perfectly good wood” and “someone worked hard to build that buffet” and “not all things should be painted”.  God bless it.  Everyone is entitled to […]

I will teach you a new paint finish EVERY MONTH!!!

  We had such a great time in my online painting party last month that we came up with a way for me teach you all a DIFFERENT paint finish EVERY MONTH!  My Paint Finish of the Month club is now OPEN for registration.  It’s a monthly membership for only $27 a month.  Small beans y’all.  […]

My Top 10 project FAILURES and FLOPS of 2015

I’m seeing all these “Top 10 projects of 2015”  articles from so many talented bloggers right now and I’m all over here like….. well, I think I DID make a few pretty things last year.  Lol. Without a doubt, 2015 was an amazing year for The Magic Brush and I.  I got to travel to Belize to […]

PAINT that OLD curtain rod- an easy DIY!!

I just got done painting a curtain rod at my house and I’m so obsessed with how it turned out that I’m getting ready to do a cabinet in the same finish.  Boom! I was going to purchase a curtain rod that looked like this….. flat black with white accents.  Pretty.   But I had […]

Over the top, pink fall decor for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  Last year, one of my clients turned friends (I call them a “cli-end” or a “fr-ient”….. don’t you love it when that happens???) asked me to make a fall/pumpkin display for a Breast Cancer Awareness project in our Kansas City area. I was honored to come up with these pink pumpkins and think that this […]

“Always Give Thanks” fall pallet

  This fall pallet has my whole heart right now.  I’m obsessed with this “Shirley’s Pumpkin” color that I used on it.  Like I want to redo my fall decor this color.    This post contains affiliate links for paint products and colors that I use and LOVE – your purchases help support my […]