Tips for Time Management so you can UP your Productivity

There’s no prize for being busy, my friends.  How you use your time and your productivity is what leads you to work less and make more money! People often say to me…you seem really busy but you never seem frazzled or hustled. How do you do it all??  Today, I’ll give you time management tips […]

How to Tell When It’s Time to Leave Your Day Job

When do I know it’s time to leave my day job? When do I make my side hustle a full-time business? These are some of the most commonly asked questions in my business coaching. I wish I could that I could say that there was some magical formula you could dump into a program to […]

My Ultimate Business Advice: Stay in your Lane

People often ask me about how I built my business both online and in the field to the size it is.  They wonder if it’s advertising?  Or luck? Or if I have a “secret” to success? And it makes me giggle because it’s none of that.  Yes I advertise and yes I’ve been in the […]

How to Decide Which Creative Talent to Pursue as a Business Idea

Do you want to start a business but just can’t decide which of your many creative ideas to pursue? Trust me, you’re not alone. I call this the creative person conundrum. Creative people in a conundrum are usually multi-talented but bad at talking about their talents. In fact, many don’t even see their creative skills […]

7 Things I wish I had Done Sooner in my Business

Recently I was pondering what things I could share with business owners that would help them with their online businesses. I ask myself what wisdom could have blessed me when I first started? What do I wish had known sooner? Well I want to share my nuggets of wisdom with you so that you can […]

8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Creative Business

Maybe you have an idea but aren’t sure if you have what it takes to be a business owner? Maybe you question whether you could make it being self-employed? Or maybe you already started your business, but it’s not doing as well as you had hoped. In coaching hundreds of creative business owners over the […]

My 5 Tips to rock your Facebook Business Page

I love to help creative business owners improve their Facebook pages every month in my Inner Circle. I teach them to use social media to form relationship with their audience. And then, to use their Facebook page as a tool to sell whatever it is that they make or offer.  Facebook is the BEST free […]

How to get your First 1,000 Followers on Facebook

6 Things to GROW your Facebook Following: Ask your friends and family to follow your page, but don’t beg them for a follow and don’t be insulted if they don’t follow you. They are not your ideal audience. But most times you can get 400-600 followers who are already your friends and family. Post four […]

How to Fight Negativity on your Facebook Page

Ok, I know you’ve seen them.  The comments on Facebook that are just so….. rude.  Mean-spirited.  Downright nasty.  I’ve almost come to expect it on news pages with hot topics like politics or blogs like the famous Matt Walch’s. But more and more I am seeing hateful comments on decorating and painting sites.  “Creative” pages, if you […]