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The Biggest Secret For Time Management

Time management might just be one of biggest topics I get asked about and I do believe we just want someone to tell us how to get it done. But don’t get caught up in thinking that someone else’s plan is going to work for you.
Jessica Cribbs
May 3, 2022
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Why Etsy Isn’t Enough For Any Business

A Facebook fan asked me, “Why are you so anti-Etsy?” The better question is, “What role should Etsy actually play in your overall business strategy?” I’m not anti-Etsy, I’m anti-putting-all-of-your-eggs-into-any-ONE-basket, especially if it’s Etsy. My answer is really: It's never just Etsy ... it should be "Etsy and... YOUR OWN…
Ad Thrive
May 27, 2018