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I love to help creative business owners improve their Facebook pages every month in my Inner Circle. I teach them to use social media to form relationship with their audience.

And then, to use their Facebook page as a tool to sell whatever it is that they make or offer.  Facebook is the BEST free marketing tool there is!

I have some basic tips that will get you on the right track with YOUR business Facebook page too.

Read below!


1. Your Cover Photo.

This is the FIRST and LARGEST image, someone sees if they discovered your page! IT IS PRIME REAL ESTATE!!!  It has to make a big impact!! You only have a second to catch a person’s eye and make them want to follow you. It should be CRYSTAL CLEAR what your business is about. Don’t use a confusing photo. I am always a fan of having a text overlay on the cover photo so people really get it. Use just a few words and make sure they are legible on your mobile phone! Use a sharp, vibrant photo that communicates your brand.

From a design perspective, I recommend centering your tagline so it doesn’t cut off in mobile devices. Right now you don’t have to worry about Facebook’s white font covering up your photo anymore (but you do on group cover photos). But just be aware that Facebook is ALWAYS changing. Check what looks good on mobile AND desktop. You also have the ability to use video now too and have fun with it! Right now cover photos display at 820x312pixels on desktop and 640×360 on mobile devices. Consider doubling those sizes to make sure your photo is the best quality. 


2. Your Profile Photo

This photo should also communicate WHAT YOU DO. Make it so obvious what you do so that people don’t have to try to figure it out!

I see a lot of people using logos as their profile picture– which work well if it’s a great brick and mortar logo or if you’re a major brand (think Starbucks or Apple). But don’t have it be some random thing.  You gotta remember people don’t relate to logos… they relate to people. So show them YOU!

This is a great time to talk about photo quality. You HAVE TO invest in good photos. Crappy photos are not allowed. You don’t want your business to look low quality or unprofessional…. no one will want to hire you. So get a good head shot that you can use as your profile picture. Plus a good head shot will make you feel so good about yourself.

If you’re a brick and mortar store, you need it to be OBVIOUS you’re a store with your photos.  Try a photo of your store front or you in front of your store or behind a counter/bar.

Also, think about how the colors of your profile picture and cover photo go together. Stay away from Facebook’s logo colors — it will just blend in. Don’t use Christmas colors or ugly color schemes, says the decorative painter. lol. And remember your branding colors matter. It will communicate your brand and you want it to appeal to your audience.



3. Your Story Section … aka the Old “About Section”

Duh. Fill out your about section. This is often overlooked. This is the quickest way to communicate who you are, what you do and what you offer. DO NOT LEAVE IT EMPTY! Facebook recently changed it to use a photo — so this great place for a personal photo if you don’t use one in your profile pic already. And this new section automatically pull in about 2.5 lines from your long description. But you can edit it. Get to the point and share your mission!

Here is my new one… but look how different it is on mobile …

It’s totally cropping on my hands, but I’m ok with that for now. But this is why you always CHECK the mobile situation, folks. Most people are on their mobile devices. 80% of my Facebook audience is on mobile and not a PC!


4. Your Posts

I preach CONSISTENCY the most to my creative business owners. Make REGULAR and RELEVANT content and Facebook will give your posts more views. Really think about the content you are posting. Do your posts encourage? Entertain? Teach? Give a tip, trick or life hack? Those are the things you need to be posting about!

I have chatted on my Facebook page about the new algorithm changes and how it’s important to be creating meaningful, engaging posts. Watch that video HERE. Facebook only shows your content to 10% of your fans, so it’s important that it’s GOOD and people like it, want to comment on it and SHARE it. The content has to be moving, helpful and portray your fans in a GOOD LIGHT.

Also, pay attention to what people engage with on your page the most — and do more of that!! Plus look at your Facebook Insights to pay attention to what times they are on Facebook, etc. Ultimately you want people to know, like and trust you. And good quality content posted consistently will achieve that!



5. Your Shop Now/ Sign Up Button

Utilize this little button Facebook gives you by your cover photo. You can change it out depending what it happening in your business — use it to promote your products in your Facebook store, get people to sign-up for and attend events or promote your opt-in!

I use my as a push for my blog subscriber list. I just set up a basic landing page with my subscriber form and voila!  Go check mine out! It’s super easy to do and, again, often overlooked. With the right cover photo, you could really really give this little button some extra attention!!!


My Top Tip

My best advice is to SERVE your audience on Facebook. Whether you have 20 followers or 20,000…. SERVE them with all you have and you’ll be shocked at how they will multiply!


Facebook Live BONUS TIP:

Use the Facebook Pages Manager app so you don’t accidentally go live with your personal page by mistake!!! Learn more here.

More of my best Facebook tips

If these tips are useful at all, consider joining my Inner Circle where each month i teach you new social media strategies, technical tips and also bring you advice from experts. It’s a fantastic group of creative business owners who network and support each other! You will love it! I’d love to meet you there!

Happy Facebooking!


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  • EmilyWalker says:

    I love this! I love your inner circle. I am using this now to build my page!! Your group has helped me to grow and become unstuck. I have more hope, more direction and more faith!!In just a few short weeks I have learned so much. Here’s the thing though, I haven’t just learned stuff, you show me how in a language I can process. Thank you! Everyday when you wake up, I hope that you know that you matter to people you have not even met and that you are changing lives. From my hear to yours, Emily in Sacramento.

  • I just watched the first of your inner circle videos. I can’t believ how much homework I was given on just this first video. I’m so glad I signed up for the full year! What a BLESSING you are! This is going to be a life changing year! Thank you so very much for all of your hard work and dedication!
    I’m off to to work on my pages!

  • Thank you Jennifer for all you do! i have not even put my page up yet. But my question is what if you are not prepared to sell things yet. I know I hold the key to 7 figures but that fear of not making money and being left broke scares the tar out of me!!!!! I do have my name on hold with FB along with my domains. how do you get past the 12 hour day job to focus on your business and get ready

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