Turn a Photo into Wallpaper!

There’s a woman in my Inner Circle coaching group named Emily Swindell and she owns Creatives Online Academy. I was aware that she did amazing wallpaper murals where she would turn a photo into wallpaper. And before we got little miss Ari, this had always been one of my favorite photos of my children. It […]

Episode 119: How to Make Money on YouTube with Sean Cannell

Sean Cannell is a YouTube expert, and this week he is giving us all the inside information on how to make money on YouTube. Everything from the requirements to start running ads, to the priority of the analytics, we talked about it all!  He also shares his 3-step strategy for setting up a solid YouTube […]

102: How to Stand Out in a Saturated Market

Do you find yourself feeling stagnant or holding off making big moves because you think the online market is saturated with too many business owners like you ALL doing the same things? Are you unsure? Are you thinking it’s just too late? Wrong. Wrong. Wrong! You’re going to have to start looking at the market […]

100: 2018: The Year Everything Changed for Us with Jason Allwood

  Can you believe, this is our 100th Episode!!! We are doing something really fun to celebrate. So my most favorite person in the world, my husband Jason (aka Mr. Magic) is back!  As everyone is talking about goal setting and resolutions, we wanted to share our year in review, because we know it “looks […]

5 Things Every Home Office Needs

I’ve been working from home for 17+ years, first running my decorating painting business from home with kids on my hips, and then my online creative business coaching the last 5 years. I am lucky to have a dedicated office space in my new home, which I recently revealed to you here in this blog […]

Why I don’t love Free Facebook Groups in a Sales Funnel

There is a lot of information out in the market trying to convince people that free Facebook groups are the way to build your business, get more clients, and use as a way to sell something. Well, I tend to disagree!!! (Note: This is strictly my opinion, and like any opinion you should measure it […]

The Ultimate Conflict: The Kids are off for Summer Break and YOU Work from Home

Ok maybe “ultimate conflict” isn’t the best choice of words. Maybe I should have called this “10 ways to get work done while your little people are home from school”.   I know you love those amazing kiddos who call you mom or dad and I know you try to make the most out of every summer that they […]

070: How to Work from Home When you Have Kids Home for the Summer

Many work at home moms feel like they have to throttle back during the summer break when their kids are home from school. I want to encourage you NOT TO go dormant on your creative business and lose all of your momentum. For 17 years now, I’ve been a WAHM and that’s all I know […]