Christian Family Activity: Hiding the Bible

  When we moved into our new house at the beginning of last year, there was this weird wall that needed to stay there for support… but it was WAY TOO BIG. We didn’t want that wall to block the entrance and the areas of the house that we spent the most time in.  So, […]

#AllwoodPartyOf6 Family Pictures in the Snow!

If you know me, you know I. LOVE. SNOW. When I used to work at a 9-5, I hated the snow because I had to drive in it! My job depended on it!! But now that I have the privilege and freedom to work from home, and be with my family more often, I’m soooo […]

This stage of life? It’s hard too. (My love letter in response to the Austin Mom’s blog)

(yes, this pic is 6 months old because at this stage in life, it’s a miracle to get the whole family in a decent picture once a year!) I had several friends who recently posted links on Facebook to this amazing article written by the Austin Mom’s Blog. Just reading it made me want to […]

Does your spouse support your business dreams? (and what to do if they don’t!)

(I posted this on my Facebook page this week and was shocked at the response!!! I thought it may bless some of you here as well!) This guy. “Mr. Magic”. My biggest support. My gift from God. I gotta tell you what he did for me.   I am in the middle of writing my first […]

How my 14 year old son changed my business forever

14 years ago today, our son Noah was born and made me a mother.   Life has never ever been the same.  I had no idea the sheer joy that motherhood would bring. At the time we had Noah, I had only had my Magic Brush painting business for a little over a year. During that time, I […]

Dear teachers: they didn’t read much.

  Summer is winding down.  We are literally days away from our 3 kiddos starting their new school year. And all the sudden, I’m feeling the end of summer scramble coming on.  How can we squeeze out one more trip to the pool?  One last trip out of town?  One last sleep over?  One last book?  Oh wait.  […]

5 things NOT to say to a family who wanted to adopt a child, but didn’t

  So if you have followed my blog for any length of time, you may know that for years we have tried to adopt a child.  My husband and I have 3 healthy, wonderful, wild biological children, but I have always, always wanted to adopt.  It was 11 years ago when our middle kiddo was […]

Yes, we unplugged our kids (taking a break from the crazy train)

(NOTE:  I’ve been sitting on this blog post for a few months.  I wrote it months ago and then chickened out on posting because I know I’ll get some push back on it.  But I’ve talked to even more mommas lately whose hearts are aching to take their family nights back and for them, I will be […]

I just got an early Christmas gift!!!!

Oh my goodness….. I’m so excited and nervous and emotional and just a complete spaz right now!!!!  I got a Christmas gift early!  I was just informed that my e-book is available today…… TODAY to be downloaded.  It was starting to look like it wouldn’t happen until the New Year, but thank goodness for an amazing […]