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 man cutting hole in wall

When we moved into our new house at the beginning of last year, there was this weird wall that needed to stay there for support… but it was WAY TOO BIG. We didn’t want that wall to block the entrance and the areas of the house that we spent the most time in. 

So, Mr. Magic tore the wall out. But since there had to be something there for support, we redid it.

man cutting a hole in the wall

There was a “dummy ceiling”, for lack of a better word, in this little hall area that our builder had to make.

So, we thought, “why not hide something there?!”

We talked to the kids about what would be fun to hide.

We thought a Bible would be the perfect thing. So, if anybody ever figured out it was a “dummy ceiling”, they would find a Bible in there.

  son writing a note in the family bible note in the family bible from son

So, we all wrote a little note in the Bible… in case somebody finds it in the house 100 years from now!

What’s funny is my kids put their Snapchat names and YouTube channel in there. Lol!

son sitting at kitchen table writing in the family bible note in the bible from daughter

Once we all had our little note written in the Bible, we refinished the wall and ceiling! We just thought it would be kinda cool if some family finds it 100 years from now. 🙂

 man refinishing the ceiling  

We wanted the wall and ceiling to tie into the other faux columns we redid in the house! Check out the blog post on that HERE

So, there you have it, friends! Just a fun little story about something we did as a family and I think it would be really fun for you to do if you have a secret “hiding spot” in your home! 

man finishing the ceiling after construction

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