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(I posted this on my Facebook page this week and was shocked at the response!!! I thought it may bless some of you here as well!)

This guy. “Mr. Magic”. My biggest support. My gift from God. I gotta tell you what he did for me.   I am in the middle of writing my first book. And it’s hard. Muuuuuuuch harder than I anticipated. And I have been freaking out that I’m not going to meet my publishing deadline. So I kind of unloaded on him this week. I had a mini freak out session. I told him I know why people rent cabins in the mountains for a week in order to write a book.   It’s so they can totally shut everything off and foooooooocus. #forthelove

And guess what my man did? He booked me a hotel for this entire weekend so that I could go and write and write and write and write and write…. in peace. And I cried when he told me because it’s exactly what I need. I told him what I needed and he listened.

Ladies let me tell you something.  If you have a husband who supports your dreams….. you need to appreciate him!!!! You need to thank him and brag on him and love him and encourage him right back. Some men simply cannot handle being married to a woman with dreams.   A strong, driven woman can easily make a man feel intimidated and lesser than if he’s not secure in his own self. But if you have a man secure enough to let you fly, let him know how much you appreciate him.  You have won the lottery my friend.

And if your husband is NOT supportive of your dreams, I encourage you to pray for the Lord to change his heart. Prayer changes people.

Not manipulation.

Not bitterness.

Not you giving him the silent treatment and him not knowing why.

So pray for your husband and then be the cheerleader for your man that you wish he was for you!

Encourage him!

Validate him!

Make the things that matter to him matter to you.

And I guarantee you’ll see changes.

And sometimes, I’ve found that women will blame their husband for not following their dreams saying he is not supportive.  But sometimes it was their own fears crippling them and instead of taking responsibility… they chose to blame their spouse instead . Sometimes your spouse isn’t supporting you is because HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT YOU NEED. Men are not mind readers….. tell him.

There is nothing like a supportive spouse. Thank God if you have one. And ask God to help you be one.

And if your spouse still doesn’t change or maybe you are single or if you just need a group of creative business owners who GET IT….. check out my monthly coaching group. We would love to support you!



And to all of my faithful readers, my book should be available Winter 2017.  I need some pinkie swears now that you will pre-order when we have it available! 😉


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