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woman throwing snow up in the air

If you know me, you know I. LOVE. SNOW. When I used to work at a 9-5, I hated the snow because I had to drive in it! My job depended on it!!

But now that I have the privilege and freedom to work from home, and be with my family more often, I’m soooo excited every time it snows here in Kansas City. It forces me to rest a little bit. And it allows for the family to be together a little bit more.

family posing together in the snow

family photos in the snow

So, this winter season, I knew WE HAD to get some new family pictures taken after a big snow! Especially now that we have a new member of the family… If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you’ve seen plenty of adorable and hilarious photos and videos of our bonus kiddo: Ari.

little girl smiling in the snow

We’re obsessed with her. Ari is a very distant relative and we’re officially her legal guardians. And if you’ve been around for a long time, you would know that Jason and I have always wanted a 4th kiddo. For years, we went through the adoption process, and it was a tough, tough battle that tested us in a lot of ways. You can read more about that HERE.

Ari has been a huge blessing to our family, and we prayed for her for a long time.

But let’s face it: it hasn’t been all glitter and rainbows!!! Nothing ever is, right??!! 2018 was the year that literally EVERYTHING changed for the Allwood family. We moved into a new home that we’ve been remodeling. My business exploded. We brought Mr. Magic home so he could work alongside me. We brought little miss Ari in.

Needless to say: it was an insane year.

black and white photo of family in the snow

husband kissing wife on the forehead

Mr. Magic and I actually got together to record a whole podcast episode about 2018 and it has been one of the BEST episodes to date. Let me tell ya, it was a HOT conversation. HOT: Honest, Open, and Transparent. Our pastor taught us that. Don’t you love it?!?

I’ve gotten so many DMs on Instagram and so many comments on Facebook from people who loved the episode and appreciated us sharing a little bit more about our story! All of these DMs and comments make my heart soooo happy. Y’all have no idea. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

husband and wife laughing in the snow

I actually gave Mr. Magic a public apology on this episode… and friends, it was needed. If you haven’t listened to it yet, go HERE. Oh, and we have a pretty intense rapping session at the end of the podcast, too. Lol!!

family photo in the snow with pond in the background

mother and daughter smiling in the snow

If you like these family pictures, go check out these THROWBACK pictures of Ava and I in our tutus on the beach. We took these photos several years ago and I can’t get over how young she looks. #OhAva

So, there ya have it, my friends! Our new #AllwoodPartyOf6 family photos out in the snow!!! They were taken by the super talented Aimee Decker from Radiant Photography!!!

family laughing and playing in the snow


Save this on Pinterest for some inspo for your future family photos!!!

Collage of family photos in the snow

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