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jennifer allwood dont belong

I think many of us sometimes feel like we just don’t belong…and especially when it comes to our business.

I actually believe this feeling of not belonging is is related to trauma and that it shows up in every aspect of our lives, including our businesses. Believe it or not, those wounds that have not yet been healed can absolutely affect how you’re doing all the things right now.

The enemy comes in to create isolation. He comes in to plant the seeds of doubt. He tries to separate you and isolate you, but what you need to do is keep building your relationships and  building your community. 

If you don’t feel like you belong anywhere…thats a lie
If you feel like the black sheep of your industry, that’s a lie.
If you feel like it’s safer to just go alone, that’s a lie too!!! 

We tend to build a shell around ourselves, especially if you’ve experienced trauma. We try to prevent people from getting too close, because it makes us vulnerable so we don’t get hurt. 

We feel we would rather do it alone because the trauma response is that we’ll be rejected..better to be alone than to be rejected. 

That’s the fear. And that’s the lie. 

The truth is God can can put you in rooms you can’t put yourself in
The truth is God will use all your story…the trauma, the ugly.. to benefit His glory.
The truth is God’s favor will chase you down and open doors for you. 

The truth is, is that it’s important to position yourself to be around other people, even while risking rejection. 

This is the truth. 

Trauma isn’t the big, enormous things all the time.
Trauma is also not getting your basic needs met as a child., not having enough money, or a stable home life. 

These things can show up in your life right now, as an adult, and can absolutely show up in your business. 

Some of you are sabotaging yourself so no one else can come in and reject you.
If you’re going to fully use your gifts this side of Heaven, friend, you MUST let God come in and heal some of these things. 

I talk all about this on Podcast episode 275….listen HERE. 

Bless you.

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