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How to get more done in less time is the age-old question, now isn’t it? Time is so precious, friend and the older I get, the more conscious I want to be of how I spend it. You might see how other people seem to be getting all the things done, but don’t fall for someone else’s plan. I want to remind you that God has wired us all different and He has given us all different ways of working.

Hit the Highlights

[03:55] How do you manage your time?
[06:00] Discipline is contagious.
[08:20] Stop looking at other people’s schedules
[09:40] It will work if you work it.

“I love listening to this podcast as a daily pick-me-up on what I like to call my morning ‘Warrior Walks.’ Thank you for all that you do!”

Listener: Let’s Get You OrganizedPodcast Review: “The Best Motivation!”
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