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Jennifer Allwood | 30 Days of Prayer

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Have you felt like you don’t belong? Do you sometimes feel like you don’t belong anywhere, especially when it comes to business? I actually believe this feeling of not belonging is is related to trauma and that it shows up in every aspect of our lives, including our businesses. Believe it or not, those wounds of  that have not yet been healed can absolutely affect how you’re doing all the things right now. Many of our decisions come out of these parts of our lives and can lead to feeling like you don’t belong anywhere, even in business. Let’s discuss this today!

Hit the Highlights

[01:31] Wounds that have not been healed
[06:32] Spotting an orphan spirit
[10:15] The enemy uses isolation as a tactic
[13:13] You DO belong and you’re not meant to do it alone
[15:15] The lies you are believing and The Truth

“I love listening and learning. Thanks so much for this incredible wealth of knowledge for small business owners!!”

Listener: Arnold SB 220Podcast Review: “Amazing!”
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