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Jennifer Allwood 6-figures

Do you have a goal to make 6-figures? If I can be real for a minute…I want to say that the first $100k in your business is the hardest to make. It’s just the truth. Income leaps can happen pretty rapidly in business, but for some reason that first goal is the most difficult. It took me 14 months to get to my first 100k in my business. And to be honest, it can grow pretty fast after that.

If you have goals this year to get to 6-figures in your business, I want to share a few things with you that I learned along the way.

First, I want to remind you that the enemy always comes out swinging. If you know your Bible, you’ll know it tells us that when you’re gaining success, the enemy will come to kill, steal and destroy. When you’ve got something good going…when you’re making headway and have momentum that is rolling toward major progress…do not be surprised if a lot of difficult things start popping up.

But also, I really want to remind you that your mindset about money matters!! Do you feel guilty about raising your prices? Do you think that Christians shouldn’t make money? If you have ideas and thoughts about money and making money, maybe from past experience or trauma in childhood…this could be keeping you stuck!

The trick here is that when your biz isn’t bringing in enough to afford some of the resources that it takes to grow, it’s really important to get super creative. Go listen to my podcast episode where I give three specific things that will make it easier to get to your first $100k in the online space!

Listen to that episode HERE. 

I’m rooting for you!!

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