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Time management might just be one of biggest topics I get asked about and I do believe we just want someone to tell us what to do. But don’t get caught up in thinking that someone else’s plan on how they’re managing their time is going to work for you. The truth is, is that’s never going to work, because God wired each of us different. We have different ways of working and things that make us tick. I think it’s important for YOU to figure out how YOU get things done. And then go get things done, friend!

My Best Secret to Time Management

I actually think there is one key factor when it comes to getting more done in less time. I think managing your time boils down to this…discipline.

I have a theory that if you can tighten up all areas of your life, you will find that the area of getting more done and managing your time will also tighten up. For just one example, when my eating is sloppy and I’m not taking care of what’s going in to my body. Usually, then, my exercise is sloppy and so is my water intake and I notice I’m also spending when I don’t need to.

There is no time to be wasting. I promise you, if you can be more disciplined in more areas of your life, it will carry over to others. Discipline is contagious.

So if you need help in your time management, try starting by adding some discipline to other areas of your life.

But there is something else…comparison. Stop looking on the interwebs at all the things others are doing. Listen, if they have figured out what works for them, fantastic. And take all the tips and tricks you want, but you trying to copy someone else’s habits, you diminish the fact that God made you, YOU!

Someone else’s schedule slapped over your life will not give you more time, friend! Stop looking for tricks. Instead, get off the internet and turn off the distractions!

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