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Jennifer Allwood Courage

Having courage in business may not be natural to you… at first. But here’s what I’m going to say…courage is contagious. I am personally wired for safety…but I have a kid in my own home who shows me what courage looks like nearly every single day. I swear she’s going to give me a heart attack, but  thank you, Lord for her! My kid makes ME more brave.

I believe we can condition ourselves to do big, hard and scary things. Many of us are simply not wired to do the things like jumping out of planes, but what I have found is that I’ve been able to grow my own courage in my business simply by being around those who are more courageous than myself.

Some of us were raised in homes where you were not allowed to take risks…or do things that felt scary or dangerous or risky. You may have went to a traditional school where you had to ask permission to do all the things…use the bathroom, get a tissue. Then you become a grownup and people are telling you all around you to ‘do it afraid!’ And you truly, truly don’t know how. You’ve been conditioned all of your life to not take risks.

But I promise you friend, you can do it different.

Some of you have gotten your business to a certain point but are very afraid to take those next steps. You’re scared of raising your rates, you’re scared of not raising your rates, scared of growing your audience, scared of what people will think… but here’s the truth, when you’re around courageous people, it can change you.

You either know someone, are someone or are raising someone who changes things around them with their courage. And what does courage look like in business? I talked all about it on a recent podcast. Listen to that episode HERE.

Listen to that episode and go and be brave, friend!!

Listen to this podcast

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