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Are you making 6 figures in your business? The first $100k in your business is the hardest to make. It’s just the truth. Income leaps can happen pretty rapidly in business, but for some reason that first goal is the most difficult. The trick here is that when your biz isn’t bringing in enough to afford some of the resources that it takes to grow, it’s really important to get super creative is important. Let’s talk about 3 things that will make it easier to get to your first $100k in the online space!

Hit the Highlights

[02:55] The enemy always comes out swinging
[05:40] Bringing a spouse home from a corporate job
[10:20] You have to go ‘all-in’ on one thing
[12:50] Your mindset about money matters
[18:30] The most important thing about this walk is the community

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