Why I don’t love Free Facebook Groups in a Sales Funnel

There is a lot of information out in the market trying to convince people that free Facebook groups are the way to build your business, get more clients, and use as a way to sell something. Well, I tend to disagree!!! (Note: This is strictly my opinion, and like any opinion you should measure it […]

Graphic Design Basics

Ready to design? Or pass it on to a Graphic Designer? Let’s talk about branding. Consistency across all social media platforms is KEY — even if your logo isn’t the best. People need to RECOGNIZE YOU. Really think about your logo and colors. What message does it communicate. Can people tell what your business is […]

My 5 Tips to rock your Facebook Business Page

I love to help creative business owners improve their Facebook pages every month in my Inner Circle. I teach them to use social media to form relationship with their audience. And then, to use their Facebook page as a tool to sell whatever it is that they make or offer.  Facebook is the BEST free […]

How to get your First 1,000 Followers on Facebook

6 Things to GROW your Facebook Following: Ask your friends and family to follow your page, but don’t beg them for a follow and don’t be insulted if they don’t follow you. They are not your ideal audience. But most times you can get 400-600 followers who are already your friends and family. Post four […]