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Ready to design? Or pass it on to a Graphic Designer?

Let’s talk about branding. Consistency across all social media platforms is KEY — even if your logo isn’t the best. People need to RECOGNIZE YOU. Really think about your logo and colors. What message does it communicate. Can people tell what your business is and what you do?? Does your logo look like another company’s? Can you read the fonts? Can you read the colors? It’s easy to get sucked into your own logo and not see the glaringly obvious faults.

If you need more direction on branding check out — 19 Things You Can Do With Your Brand To Look Consistent — my website guru Brandon Christ wrote this to help out creative business owners. 

Think about what social media platforms you plan on using — each of them have their own file size requirements — and optimized sizes that LOOK THE BEST. Pay attention because these sizes are always.

Here’s a list of what you may need for your Graphic Design

  • Logo – Try to get a dark and light version, font-only options, transparent background (PNG file) , and square + horizontal Design options
  • Facebook Cover Photo
  • Facebook Group Cover Photo
  • Facebook Profile Photo
  • Facebook About Image
  • Logo for Pinterest – I prefer the horizontal ones
  • Youtube/ Google + Cover Photo
  • Email Marketing Banner
  • Etsy Cover Photo
  • Pinnable Images for Pinterest
  • Website Banner
  • Website Favicon


DIY Photo Editing

To grow your business and make sales high-quality photos ARE KEY … here are some options for making your photos look their best.

  • Lightroom Photo Editing with Beth Bryan – (Lightroom is a paid service at $9.99/month that many bloggers love)
  • PicMonkey – Free and Paid Versions – this is my affiliate link, I could make a small commission if you decide to purchase at no cost to you
  • Pixlr – basically free version of Photoshop
  • Canva – Free
  • Picassa – Free
  • Photoshop

Stock Photos

Sometimes you can get free stock photos, other times you need to pay to play …  Always check the terms of service

  • Unsplash
  • Pexels
  • Bigstock
  • Etsy
  • Death to Stock
  • Shutterstock


DIY Graphic Design

Again sooo many good options to make your own graphics these days where you don’t have to know Illustrator or Photoshop! There are web tools for just about EVERYTHING — from creating GIFS to 3-D Ebook Covers to Word Memes. Here are some top tools for making your own design. F

  • PicMonkey – Free and Paid Versions – this is my affiliate link, I could make a small commission if you decide to purchase at no cost to you
  • Canva
  • Piktochart
  • Illustrator

Hire a Designer

If you are looking for extra help with graphic design: check out my blog resources list here where I list a few desigenrs. Also you can contact my Social Media VA – Emily Reagan or  consider using an inexpensive designer from Fiverr.





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