There’s a lot to think about when naming and branding your business. Let’s start with a list of do’s and don’ts for your business name.

Business Name Do’s:

  • Make it easy to spell
  • Make sure it’s not already taken on Facebook
  • Make sure the website and domain is available (and purchase it right away!!!!)
  • Make sure it’s a name that could grow WITH you and doesn’t keep you stuck in one industry, Ie: Jennifer’s Painting, because what if I decide to stop painting???
  • Make sure that it’s easy for people to remember

Business Name Do NOT’s:

  • Use special characters or numbers
  • Use a spin on something trying to be cute
  • Use words that no one can spell
  • Use words misspelled on purpose
  • Use words that lock you into ONE industry’, ie; Jennifer’s Painting
  • Don’t pick a name and then add your location, because what if you move??? Ie: Jennifer’s Painting – Missouri (Plus it’s hard to remember and will lead to competitors
  • Pick a name that a bunch of others already use


I hope this helps you get started in creating your business. I like to encourage my clients to BRAND THEMSELVES. Down the road this make sense when you expand in the online world and gain recognition.. It’s one of the 7 Things I Wish I had Done Sooner In my Business