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There’s a lot to think about when naming and branding your business. Let’s start with a list of do’s and don’ts for your business name.

Business Name Do’s:

  • Make it easy to spell
  • Make sure it’s not already taken on Facebook
  • Make sure the website and domain is available (and purchase it right away!!!!)
  • Make sure it’s a name that could grow WITH you and doesn’t keep you stuck in one industry, Ie: Jennifer’s Painting, because what if I decide to stop painting???
  • Make sure that it’s easy for people to remember

Business Name Do NOT’s:

  • Use special characters or numbers
  • Use a spin on something trying to be cute
  • Use words that no one can spell
  • Use words misspelled on purpose
  • Use words that lock you into ONE industry’, ie; Jennifer’s Painting
  • Don’t pick a name and then add your location, because what if you move??? Ie: Jennifer’s Painting – Missouri (Plus it’s hard to remember and will lead to competitors
  • Pick a name that a bunch of others already use


I hope this helps you get started in creating your business. I like to encourage my clients to BRAND THEMSELVES. Down the road this make sense when you expand in the online world and gain recognition.. It’s one of the 7 Things I Wish I had Done Sooner In my Business





  • TiffanyDavis says:

    Amazing advice! Thank you!!

  • DebraWolf says:

    I have a registered business name Antiquity Floral Studio and a face book business page named the same.I have over 3000 followers on face book. I would like to change my business name because I have found people have a hard time spelling Antiquity. I would like to brand myself with my personal name. Can I just go ahead and change my face book business page name now? Do I need to re register my new name and do a name search again for it if I just go with Debbie Wolf Creative …. I do not have a website or domain etc.

    • Emily Reagan says:

      You will probably have to slowly change your name to what you want. Facebook won’t approve drastic changes .. So maybe for a bit of time you have Antiquity Floral Studio by Debbie… then drop the antiquity and make it Debbie Wolf Floral studio… then drop the floral studio and make it Debbie Wolf Creative… Does that make sense?? Phase in the new words, phase out the old words. FB does not want you completely changing your page on its fans so it does limit you.

      Buy your domain now!!!

  • DebraWolf says:

    I don’t want to be locked into one industry. I do creative floral creative writing, creative crafts,creative decorating. My intersets are also selling antiques,selling vintage finds and
    recycled projects and I do some furniture painting.I would focus on the very top four as the latter tie into those areas.

  • JamieBaird says:

    I have had Endless Creations as my business name since 2013. I am a co-owner with my mom, so branding is harder when it is more than just you. We have been doing this slowly to get it to a business instead of a hobby and have 1450 fb followers. Do you think that the name is catchy at the same time as being easy? We do wood signs, furniture painting, workshops, sell Miss Lillian’s No Wax Chock Paint and Chalk Couture, we also do any craft project that a client brings to us. Thank you

  • Brenda PottsPotts says:

    Well, I’m at number two and already a blooper with the name. :o(. I chose my name in 2014 because I’m in home decor/Antiques and I love a mix of rustic and refined, and I “FIND” and “Refind” things. So, I named my business Rust and Refind (the Refind is a play on words…some people with think REFINED which is my intent, but I spelled and used the other REFIND because of me finding things again. I tried to put two meanings into one word. Do you all think this is confusing? I love my name and the flow…but it would be interesting to get feedback on it.

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