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pink pumpkins breast cancer

Last year, one of my clients turned friends (I call them a “cli-end” or a “fr-ient”….. don’t you love it when that happens???) asked me to make a fall/pumpkin display for a Breast Cancer Awareness project in our Kansas City area. I was honored to come up with these pink pumpkins and think that this was one of the most fun displays I have ever made! And for such an honorable cause!

For all of my pumpkin displays, I always use real pumpkins. They are cheaper and this way I can do new colors and techniques each year because Heaven forbid I do the same thing twice (for the love). No, the pink pumpkins will not last forever, but an exterior clear coat in spray form will help them last longer! And, by the time they are rotting, it’s usually time for Christmas decor anyway, so there is that.

Keep in mind that you can duplicate any of these pumpkin paint finishes in colors other than pink but these are some last minute fall ideas for you all!



pink glitter pumpkins and mod podge

The top pink pumpkin in this photo was covered in Mod Podge for an adhesive and then I used pink glitter from Hobby Lobby to cover the pumpkin. This is messy…. but so, so easy to do! Just set the pumpkin inside a box lid and sprinkle away!  Warning: do not do this in your husband’s office. 2nd warning: do not tell husband you are doing it.  Just sprinkle. And clean up. 😉
I used one of my daughter’s crowns and her fake beads to add more glam to these pumpkins!

I have a sweet FB video that is FANCYYYYYYYYYYYYYY you guys.  Music and everything.  So please watch.  And tell me I’m pretty.  It shows how to do the glitter in GOLD.  Watch it by clicking below or going HERE.


pumpkins with tissue paper

This pink pumpkin was covered in Mod Podge also and I covered it with patterned tissue paper (yes, the kind you put in a gift bag). This is a little trickier because the tissue paper likes to buckle and rip and overlap, but it’s super cute when done! Work fast and don’t be too much of a perfectionist about it! This is not a good pumpkin project if you are OCD because it will NEVER look perfect.  Just wanted to warn you!



pink pumpkin in tulle

This pink pumpkin was literally just set down on a square piece of tulle from the fabric store. I used a rubber band to gather the fabric around the pumpkin stem at the top and then tied a bow on it for decoration. The bling in the center is a woman’s brooch that you can find a garage sales, antique stores, etc. Always, always, ALWAYS collect and keep gaudy jewelry…. YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU MAY NEED IT!



pumpkin with tulle and broach

On this white pumpkin, I used a roll of tulle that you can buy pre-cut into 6 inch wide strips. Any craft or fabric store has it. So easy and the same concept as the last pumpkin. I just cut 2 pieces of tulle and stretched them around the “humps” on every other hump. I used a rubber band at the top to gather the tulle and another brooch was pinned to the rubber band to make it fancy!



pumpkin polka dots

This white pumpkin was super easy to polka dot. I used a pink craft paint and a “dobber” tool from Hobby Lobby (they are also called “spouncers”). These tools make polka dots for you. Dip in the paint, press onto the pumpkin and WHILE THE PAINT IS WET, sprinkle glitter on it! So quick and easy!




pumpkins with paint runs

My kids loved this pink pumpkin. We bought a white pumpkin and dipped paint brushes in 3 different shades of pink wall paint (because it’s thinner and easy to drip) and let it drip down the pumpkin. Super easy. Then I brushed the pumpkin stem with Mod Podge and sprinkled pink glitter over it.



pink breast cancer awareness fall decor

I tried to display the pink pumpkins on varying heights and with some other pink items of interest. When it was placed all together, it was a huge eye catcher! And, I won the display contest!  Thank you Jenny Burkhead (my “fr-ient”) for asking me to be a part of it.

So if you are needing more pumpkin ideas…. just go to the search box on my blog and type in “pumpkin”.  It’s obvious that I am obsessed.  I’ll get back to feeding my children and flipping laundry in January. But until then, this is my season y’all.

And you can to my Pinterest page Fall Board which is HERE and find this pin HERE.

I promise to move on to other non-fall related projects soon, but give me another 5 minutes.  I’m in the fall zone here.


Much love,


If you love this very different pink pumpkin color scheme — take a look at my pink duck tape pumpkins! No painting required. I also have made green pumpkins! Yes GREEN for Halloween!

If you want to continue your painting spree, check out my free video on my top favorite paint colors! This is free professional advice to help you make some big decisions when painting your walls.

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