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painted curtain before and after

I just got done painting a curtain rod at my house and I’m so obsessed with how it turned out that I’m getting ready to do a cabinet in the same finish.  Boom!

Magic Brush Painted curtain rod inspiration

I was going to purchase a curtain rod that looked like this….. flat black with white accents.  Pretty.


painted curtain rod before

But I had THIS curtain rod in the basement and it was the perfect size and it seemed a shame to just dump it for a new one.  So I decided to paint it.

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black bean curtain rod

Because I wanted the painted curtain rod to look “flat”, I used Heirloom Traditions chalk-type paint in the color Black Bean


Magic Brush Painted Curtain Rod best chalk brush

It goes on super easy and you can either buy one of their chalk-type brushes HERE which are super amazing, or you can use a cheap chip brush.  You chose, just get the Black Bean on!

Here is a short video showing how I applied it!


curtain rod french vanilla

Then, instead of adding a wax or a topcoat, I totally went rogue and just “glazed” it with the Heirloom Traditions color “French Vanilla” which you can find HERE.  It’s a warm off white.  And when mixed with a bit of water it GLIDED over the black.


painted curtain rod french vanilla

Check it out.


And of course, I have another video for those of you who are visual learners.


painted curtain rod holder

As I showed in the video, THIS is hands down the easiest way to paint a curtain rod. Put the painted curtain rod in between the rungs of a ladder. You can roll it back and forth and it will save you from beating your head against a wall trying to stand it up to paint all sides of it.  My ladder trick is a doozy!!! Worth tweeting and pinning!



Magic Brush Painted Curtain Rod curtains which way

You can see the painted curtain rod hung in our breakfast room.  I hesitated to show this pic because:

  • I can’t decide how to hang my curtains… fuchsia on top or fuchsia on bottom? I asked you all on my Facebook page. That was fun.  The curtains were designed for me by Sewpanache on Etsy.  I totally recommend her for your curtain needs!!!  I’m so happy with them! They make me smile every time I walk in the room!
  • We are selling the table and chairs.  They will be gone soon.  Too tall. Too brown. OVER IT.
  • That rug is already gone and replaced with a gorgeous hide from Overstock. Can’t WAIT to show it to you.

But I did want to show you the pic because I have a child doing homework peacefully and that deserves commemoration.  God bless him.


Magic Brush Painted Curtain Rod before after


Here the another before/after pic of my painted curtain rod. I’m telling you guys…. THIS finish is the bomb.

Feel free to pin my curtain rod below!

Until then, start hunting for an old rod. They are too expensive to replace! 



Did you know you can also paint your cabinet handles? This is another easy update. And don’t forget to paint the ugly brass trim on your fire place. Paint can do wonders! And while you’re at it, watch my free video how to pick the perfect paint color using my list of favorites. Paint away!



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Magic Brush Painted Curtain Rod







  • Pam B says:

    Perfect!! I love it! I have a black custom rod for my kitchen bay window and this is the perfect update for it. Can’t wait to get started. And the ladder method is brilliant!!

  • Kelly says:

    I was thinking of painting curtain rods with chalk pain also but worried with the back and forth of pulling on the curtains that the paint would chip? Just wondering if you had this problem at all?

  • Heidi Schultz says:

    I am also wondering if the paint chips after pulling the curtains back and forth?

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