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Paint Trends of 2018

I chatted with 8 painters from across the country recently about what they thought was trending in the painting industry for 2018. We discussed colors, painting techniques and what their most-requested projects are.

Each painter specializes in slightly different finishes and projects, from cabinets to furniture. Their styles are completely different and they are all AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING at what they do.

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It’s fascinating to see what trends have caught on and what takes a while to hit other areas of the country. These talented artists also share what painting techniques and colors they see phasing out and will be glad to NEVER do again! ha! You gotta listen!

Listen to the podcast HERE and then click “GET THE PAINT TRENDS NOW”  below to download our FREE PDF with these top paint trends and photos. Plus I’ve included step-by-step tutorials as gifts to you from the artists themselves! 

Get the Paint Trends NOW!



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