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Jennifer Allwood | 30 Days of Prayer

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Your plate is SO full when you’re rockin’ and runnin’ your business. I know you have so many things on your mind – so many to-do’s on your list, and so little time. And that to-do list list feels amplified when you’re a creative because you naturally want to do ALL OF THE THINGS. So, I put together this list of little reminders when overwhelm gets the best of you.

10 Ways to Reduce your Business Overwhelm

1. Get out of half of the Facebook groups you’re in. Go to your list of Groups and I guarantee you will be SHOCKED when you see all of the Groups you’re a part of even though you never gave them permission to add you.. I have some strong opinions on this. Unless I give permission, I don’t want to be added to your vitamin group, clothing group, or makeup group unless I ASK to. If you’re dong that, please stop immediately. It feels slimy and yucky, and I promise there is a much better way to get clients! More on Free Facebook Groups in this blog post here.

2. Unsubscribe from email lists! How many emails do you hit “delete” on without ever opening or reading? If you find yourself doing this, it’s time to unsubscribe. Use to clean up your inbox and get rid of those distractions. Your mind will feel much more refreshed, and much less overwhelmed when you’re no longer wasting time looking at emails that are not serving you and your business.

3. Watch your words! Do you ever catch yourself self-sabotaging your own business? If we’re being honest with ourselves, I bet every single one of us has done this. A woman I recently met in Milwaukee said, “I’m afraid to grow too fast” when speaking about her painting business. That’s self-sabotage, friends! If your business is growing you no longer feel like you can keep up, that’s when you hire help and continue to let your business flourish. The words floating around in the your head AND coming out of your mouth will be reflected in your business. So, make sure you’re speaking kind, encouraging, and uplifting words. If you missed my podcast on self-sabotage, check out Episode 85 here.

4. Practice being grateful for your job. Make a list of the blessings your job has provided to you this year, this month, and or even just this week! These blessings can be big or small, but think of things that you’ve only been blessed with because of your job. Whether it’s a new outfit every month, paying a little bit extra on those loans, or providing a full income for your family, be grateful for it! Practice your gratitude every day, and that will keep you going in your business.

5. Do first things first. Before you start every work day, you should tackle your “big, hard, and scary” thing first! Your “big, hard, and scaries” are the toughest item on your to-do list, and what usually require the most energy. If you’re up with the roosters like I am, you’ll want to tackle this first thing in the morning! Once afternoon hits, you’re not going to have the energy or the might to do your most daunting tasks. Schedule your day by tackling your most important items when you’re most alert and motivated.

6. Rest. Why is this such a hard one to grasp? Sometimes, we have to remember that REST and time off is also a major key in running a successful business. If I’m not getting enough rest, I know that my business will suffer. My trainings, content, team, and income will all suffer if I’m not taking my mental health and well-being seriously. When you’re passionate about your business, it’s easy to become so consumed that you forget to spend time relaxing. Remember this one, creatives!

7. Pray. Never under-estimate the power of prayer. God knows what we need better than we do, so sometimes you have to pray it out and wait for Him to guide you through.

8. Focus on things that move the needle or generate income. This goes along with #5! What will get you closer to your next sale, sign-up, or project proposal? Focus on things that will bring in income. The little, fun projects can come afterwards.

9. Remember: this is the busy that you used to wish for! Before you get discouraged about being “busy”, remember what kept you up at night in the beginning stages of your business. Think about how much progress you have made since then! Celebrate the wins, fight discouragement, and be grateful that you have lots of projects on your plate!

10. Hire help when needed. There is nothing wrong with a little delegating! Remember this: If you do it all, it keeps your business small. If you listen to my podcast and Facebook and Instagram videos, you’ve heard me say that before! It’s SO true. When you’re growing and can’t keep up, it’s time to hire help. Don’t be afraid to grow WITH your business.


I hope this struck a cord with you, friend. Bookmark this one for those days when you feel overwhelm creeping in. I have to remind myself of these little tips and tricks very often, so know that you’re not alone!



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