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jennifer allwood time management

The Biggest Secret For Time Management

Time management might just be one of biggest topics I get asked about and I do believe we just want someone to tell us how to get it done. But don’t get caught up in thinking that someone else’s plan is going to work for you.
jennifer allwood worship songs
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Best Worship Songs for the Creative Business Owner

Whenever I find a worship song that ministers to my heart, I tend to listen to it over and over again. Can you relate?! Friends, I have referenced my favorite worship songs multiple times on my Podcast, Facebook Lives, Instagram Stories, etc. I'm SO EXCITED to finally create a blog…
How to Reduce Your business overwhelm Jennifer Allwood
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10 ways to reduce overwhelm as a business owner

Your plate is SO full when you're rockin' and runnin' your business. I know you have so many things on your mind - so many to-do's on your list, and so little time. And that to-do list list feels amplified when you're a creative because you naturally want to do…
Working Mom Guilt Feature Image Jennifer Allwood
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Kids need to see their moms passionate about SOMETHING other than just them

When we sold our house and went through 14.5 years of stuff, I was looking for an easy win so I started cleaning out a coat closet.  In my old painting coat pocket, I found something that made me cry – my boys'old pacifiers. Let me explain. I started my painting…
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How to Stop the Noise and the Distraction … and Get Focused in Business

My daughter used to take horse lessons, and that got me thinking about why these strong, smart animals wear blinders when jumping and racing... What are they so scared of?? And how we sometimes need them as business owners to keep our focus in business.   Here is a Facebook…
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The creative mind: You are not a spaz. Or a mess. And you do NOT need “to get it together”.

I am fascinated by how the minds of creative people work.  It is a fascinating mixture of endless ideas and crazy passion and project brilliance and often frustration. I find that so often creative people feel isolated and "weird". Creatives tend to feel like they often don't fit in because other people just do…
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I love you, but ‘I am scared” is a lame excuse!

I coach thousands of business women and a common theme is always always always FEAR. Why? Because when you’re truly an entrepreneur you are self employed and you never have security. (In the form of 401Ks, paid time off, raises, bonuses, etc.) It just causes a lot of fear and anxiety…
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How to Charge Friends and Family for Your Creative Talent

My creative business friends, why is is to hard for us to start charging friends and family for our creative talents? Why do we make stuff for free and feel guilty about giving it away to those closest to us? How do we quit doing this??? I spend a lot…
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Why Etsy Isn’t Enough For Any Business

A Facebook fan asked me, “Why are you so anti-Etsy?” The better question is, “What role should Etsy actually play in your overall business strategy?” I’m not anti-Etsy, I’m anti-putting-all-of-your-eggs-into-any-ONE-basket, especially if it’s Etsy. My answer is really: It's never just Etsy ... it should be "Etsy and... YOUR OWN…
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Hiring and Outsourcing Help for your Business

Are you unsure if you need to hire help in your business or your personal life?  Are you having a hard time letting go of control? Do you feel like you don’t know where to start in finding the perfect person to help you? These questions pop up in all…
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Three Reasons Stay-at-Home Moms Make Great Entrepreneurs

I remember well those days not so long ago of having to juggle my life as a new business owner and as a new mom. I remember stressing about my business while I was with my baby and then worrying about my baby while I was working. I am so…
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How to Understand + Fix your Business Burnout

I talk to so many women each month about burnout issues. They’re tired of talking about the same old thing over and over. They can’t figure out why the very things they once enjoyed, just seem like drudgery now. Then they start feeling guilty because maybe they’ve quit a job…