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Episode 431 | Sowing Seeds of Prosperity w/ Ruth Fernandez

Get ready to be inspired by this interview with Ruth Fernandez. Ruth shares her thoughts on prosperity, taking God radically at his word, and navigating entrepreneurship as a woman of faith.
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Episode 430 | The Problem with Selling on Evergreen

The idea of making money 365 days a year sounds good, right? But friend, all that glitters is not gold. Let’s explore the problem with selling things on”evergreen” and ways we can do it better! Important Links If you need help setting up your email list, reach out to our…
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Episode 429 | Navigating a No Judgement Zone Meeting

I may not have been the one to come up with this idea, but I'm glad they exist! Join me and Nell from Team Allwood to talk about how we brainstorm solutions for tough problems and how you can implement them in your business, no matter how big or small…
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Episode 428 | Don’t Tell the Right Things to the Wrong People

Let me encourage you to be careful who you share your big ideas with. As an entrepreneur your ideas may seem crazy to most people, but that's what sets us apart! Don't let someone's opinion or advice (no matter how well-meaning it may be) steal your passion! Check out Episode…
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Episode 427 | How to Save Your Business from Online Scams…

Scams and phishing messages feel like they're at an all-time high in my inbox and DMs right now. Lets talk about how to spot a scam message and what to do (or not to do) when you get them! Check out Episode 220 for my personal cautionary tale! 
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Episode 426 | How to Grow Your Business Even When You Don’t Like Social Media

I LOVE social media, but I know that's not true for everyone. This episode is for those of you who dislike spending time on social media, but still want to use it to grow your business. Let's get into it!
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Episode 425 | How to Find Security Within Your Business

You've heard the saying "don't put all your eggs in one basket". Believe me- your business is no exception! Listen here to find out how to protect your business and income.
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Episode 424 | Why Do the Best Business Ideas Come In the Shower?

I have been researching this topic for a minute and am super excited to share with you all I have learned. It is truly fascinating when science and scripture collide. Listen in to hear what I found out when it comes to getting ideas in the shower!
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Episode 423 | An Inside Look At My Top 3 Revenue Streams

My business essentially makes money 3 ways. These are the foundation of my entire company and I am going to break down the good, the bad, and the ugly for these revenue streams. Listen in to get all the inside scoop and see which one or ones are right for…
Jennifer Allwood Go All In

It’s Time To Go All In

It's time to go all in. How hard are you pushing in your business? Are you all in or are you standing at the edge with a toe dipped in the water? Listen, I work with so many women every single day, and soooooo many of you are still playing…
Jennifer Allwood Letting Go

When It’s Time To Let Go Of Something In Your Business

I want to encourage you today that there are time when it's necessary to make changes in your business. Sometimes, you'll have to let go of things so you can keep moving forward and make room for what's coming next. You can't move forward and grow if there are things…
Jennifer Allwood Courage

Having Courage In Business

Having courage in business may not be natural to you... at first. But here's what I'm going to say...courage is contagious. I am personally wired for safety...but I have a kid in my own home who shows me what courage looks like nearly every single day. I swear she's going…