My Top 10 Podcast Episodes of 2018

Friends… can you BELIEVE that we’re almost done with 2018?? We say it every year… but dang, time keeps flying by SO fast! Well, my podcast, The Jennifer Allwood Show, was one of my big focuses for my business this year. We brought lots of AMAZING guests to our listeners in 2018. Carrie Robaina, Amy […]

New Glass Cabinets for my Home Office

When I was dreaming about what to do in my office, I knew there were certain things my office had to contain. My blog post, Five Things Every Home Office Needs, will tell you alllll about that. Check it out here! Most importantly, I wanted my office to be pretty. After all, I spend 6-8 hours […]

Ladies, THIS is why it feels so hard sometimes….

Dear female creative business owners, If you are discouraged with your business this morning, or feel stuck or confused or feel like you are hitting up against a brick wall, I want to share something with you. There is a very real enemy in this world who comes to steal, kill and destroy. And he […]

An encouragement for mothers

Yesterday, I went to my favorite running park to get a jog in. Yes, it was my second workout of the day (I have only two things to say about that. #1) Cadbury eggs. #2) I am meeting The Magnolia Mom next week. You ladies get me?) Anyhoo, so as I was jogging along, I suddenly felt […]

When I was a bartender ….

  Yeah, I know that headline will throw some of you for a loop.  Lol.  But, it’s true.  In my mid-20’s, I waited tables and bartended at a local bar and grill. I found I was an awesome waitress…. I loved serving people, I loved chatting with people and I could consolidate with the best […]

And I can’t believe THAT just came out of my mouth….

    Do you ever just say something and think where ON EARTH did THAT just come from?  Ug. Sometimes out of my troubled heart, my mouth speaks! A few weeks ago,  I was feeling rather anxious about work.  The flip side of things going very, very well for the Magic Brush is that there are […]

The new “Work From Home” Workaholic

I used to say I could never, ever, ever, EVER be a workaholic.  I had my ideas of what a workaholic looked like and I didn’t fit the bill. “Workaholics”, I thought, were generally men.  So I was safe there. Workaholics stay at their offices all day and well into the evening.  I work from home.  […]