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glass cabinets home office jennifer allwood

When I was dreaming about what to do in my office, I knew there were certain things my office had to contain. My blog post, Five Things Every Home Office Needs, will tell you alllll about that. Check it out here!

Most importantly, I wanted my office to be pretty. After all, I spend 6-8 hours per day there! I wanted it to feel like me. I wanted it to be useful and practical… but still, beautiful!

glass cabinets home office jennifer allwood

Pretty Cabinets for the Work-From-Home Entrepreneur

So, I went to Miller’s Custom Cabinets, who also did the island and countertops for our kitchen. If you missed those blog posts, you can check out the beautiful blue kitchen island here, and the faux marble quartz countertops here.

I told Miller’s Custom Cabinets what I had in mind. I told them I needed to make sure I had a spot for built-in trash, a spot to hide my router, and a spot to hide my tower. My desktop needed to be big enough for 2 monitors. And I also needed a nice, spacious filing cabinet. To top it all off, I wanted some glass cabinets so I could put pretty things behind them and they would be seen. I also told them I wanted some really chunky gold handles. You can’t go wrong with chunky gold.. am I right?!

glass cabinets home office resized glass cabinets home office jennifer allwood glass cabinets home office jennifer allwood

So, they took the idea that was in my head, and I showed them the wall in my office that I wanted the cabinets on. 

Glass Cabinets with a Classy, Glamorous Design

They came up with the design and it was PERFECT! I was so thrilled… We did absolutely zero modifications. We totally went with their idea because it just absolutely felt like me and was exactly the vision I had for my home office.

I have storage upon storage. It’s practical, yet pretty. It’s bright, colorful, and comfortable. I have enough room to do my Facebook Lives in here. I put in my favorite rug… Check out the details on my colorful, modern rug here!

glass cabinets home office jennifer allwood glass cabinets home office jennifer allwood

We had ProLine Painting in Excelsior Springs, Missouri spray the cabinets at their shop, and they sprayed them in the Sherwin-Williams color, Alabaster. Then, they were delivered and installed!

We also had a glass company fit a piece of glass for the top of my desktop just to make sure I didn’t ruin the beautiful paint finish since that’s where I work most often – right in front of my monitor!

glass cabinets home office jennifer allwood

I’m so happy with the way my glass cabinets turned out! You know what else I love? The French doors that lead into my home office. If you missed that reveal, check it out here!




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 glass cabinets home office jennifer allwood 


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