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I used to say I could never, ever, ever, EVER be a workaholic.  I had my ideas of what a workaholic looked like and I didn’t fit the bill.

“Workaholics”, I thought, were generally men.  So I was safe there.

Workaholics stay at their offices all day and well into the evening.  I work from home.  Safe again.

Workaholics go in to the office on weekends while their families are at home playing.  I don’t have an office to go to.

Workaholics miss their kids sporting events.  I rarely ever miss one.

So, I totally thought I was “safe” from being a workaholic.

But I’d like to introduce you to the “modern workaholic”.

The modern workaholic works from home.

She (can also be a he) takes care of the housework WHILE she is working and often WHILE she is raising her kids.

She let’s her exercise routine slide….because work is necessary and feeding children is necessary and her spin class…is well, easy to cut out.

Her work contacts have replaced her friends on her cell phone’s “most frequently called” list.

She is at every one of her kid’s sporting events….but secretly checking her emails while her kiddos are out on the field.

Her friends are complaining they never see her.

She is eating lunch at her desk or in her car….while working.

She takes her cell phone to the bathroom and on her what-used-to-be-bi-weekly-but-is-now-a-once-a month jog.

She listens to every.single.podcast there is on “how to be a better wife.  Or more savvy business owner.  Or a stronger Christian.  Or fill in the blank______”. Music has certainly been replaced by work.

She has learned to nod her head at the appropriate times when her kids are relaying the details of their school day. And yet, she hears none of it because she is already thinking of what she still needs to do for work today.

Her phone starts dinging at dawn and keeps dinging until after dusk.

If she misplaces her cell phone she begins twitching.  Or at least searching frantically until found.

She is checking texts and social media and emails during dinner dates with her hubby.

She goes to sleep thinking about work.  And she goes to bed thinking about work.

And she / he secretly loves it BECAUSE SHE LOVES HER JOB!!!

Ug.  Conviction.

Workaholism is rarely something someone CHOOSES to go into knowing what they are doing. Rather, it comes up on you sneaky, sneaky.  And before you know it….you are in the heat of it.



6 months ago, I was in the heat of it.

6 months ago, I could totally understand how people work, work, work and fall into the trap.

6 months ago, I could understand why people have burn out.

6 months ago, I began looking at other workaholics with more grace.

Because I was slinnnnnnnnnking in that direction.

So I want to encourage someone who is reading this today.  Someone who needs boundaries.  Someone who needs to put a timer on her cell phone to turn off the computer every day.  Someone who is afraid if she doesn’t answer that email during dinner that she will lose a client.  I am talking to you…..

You need rest.

You need balance.

You need down time.

I needed rest.

I needed balance.

I needed down time.

I know where you are at and I get it.  I have been clawing my way out for 6 months and let me tell you IT can be done.  And you need to do it for your sanity.  And for your family.  And for every other relationship that is suffering because you are consumed with work.

So, I have NOT arrived.  But I am making progress and want to share with you some things I am doing.   I’ve written a blog post here on how I got my groove back.

I just want to encourage you today.  The lure of working, working, working can quickly pull you in.  Especially when your business is on a fast track and dollar signs are in your sight.

We ALL need periods of refreshing.  And relationship and NO WORK.  It makes you so much more productive when you ARE working.

So, I will be keeping you up to date on my journey.  Please let me know how you are doing.  And if you enjoyed my post, please share it with someone you love.  We are in this together.

Much love,


PS. if you enjoyed this post and recognize yourself as someone who needs better boundaries in your business, I have a monthly coaching group for creative entrepreneurs HERE that you may want to check out. All month every month I am coaching them to build their businesses to suit their dreams and to make money while they sleep. Join us there!



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