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after pic

Yep, pretty much EVERYTHING IS paintable.  And if you ask my hubby right now, he will probably tell you that I’m painting almost everything in our house that isn’t nailed down.  My quest to go from gold to gray continues and nothing is safe!

And here is the deal, I would love to go REPLACE every thing I own to go with my new painting scheme….. but it’s just not in our budget.  So, I’ll use a lot of what I have and CHANGE it.  And you can do the same.



So this is the metal piece before.  It came from Kirklands many many years ago.  Sorry that I didn’t get a picture of it up on the wall.  It’s lovely….. but very “brown”.



modern masters

I found this Modern Master’s copper metallic paint in my studio and read about well, half of the directions before I began. You know you can relate.

step 1

It basically said to paint it on your cleaned surface (do people really clean things before they paint them????? lol.  I jest. Kind of. I did NOT clean this) And then spray with this stuff while it is wet…….


patina paint

This is “blue patina” and it does just what the name suggests….. and it is AWESOME.  I have no idea how it works and who cares.  It’s magic!!!!!


So the next day, my piece looked like this.  The entire time I was thinking I just wanted parts of that brown and blue patina to come thru, so…..


close up


I buried most of it under my favorite cream color… Sherwin Williams SW6126 in a primer (primer looks dry which I wanted).  I have so much of that color that I should own stock in the stuff.

I basically half brushed, half rolled, half stippled it one.  There was really no rhyme or reason.  And I had to do it FAST cuz I only had about 12 hours to do this project beginning to end to utilize the scaffold in our entryway.  I put a quick video of it on Facebook that is still there if you click HERE.  (Small disclaimer: I was on steroids during the taping of that video and am a little amped out to say the least.  Proceed with caution.)


after pic


And there she is.  So much lighter and brighter.  I’m in love with it again!

Time spent on project from beginning to end = guessing 1 hour total

Feel free to pin this project to your heart’s desire.  I got the PIN IT feature on my blog recently and I’m feeling so….. official.

And I’d love to have you comment below if you have this piece yourself? or if you too only read half the directions? or if you also are into repainting your old things?

Make me feel normal!







  • Rox Lockett says:

    I am so happy to see that I am not the only one who half-reads the directions! We figure it out as we go, right? I am so glad I found you because your projects have inspired my projects! I bought a home about a year ago and I’m doing renovations (and re-using alot of the old vs spending money on the new.) And you have been a huge inspiration for my cabinets, my dining table, chandeliers, and furniture! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  • Nicole says:

    I LOVE Kirklands for big, interesting pieces like this! And your update is great 🙂

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