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Around Christmas time of this year, I decided I was over all of the gold paint in my house.  And by “over it”, I mean….. I wanted it gone like yesterday.

So I decided I wanted to repaint the walls in all of the common rooms of my house.

But wall color is REALLY a big deal to me.  Like REALLY important.  I gotta have colors on my walls that I feel good in and that I love.  I can’t be “kinda” in love with my walls. I need to LUUUUUUUUUUV my walls.

I had recently seen Sherwin Williams “Ellie Gray” in a client’s home and it made me salivate.  For a girl who has proclaimed to “hate gray” for years, that’s saying a lot.

I loved the “Ellie Gray” so much that I wanted to see if it would work in my home, but I was nervous because I have just so.much.brown.  And, I didn’t want the gray to feel “cold”.

So I called my decorating friend Deb over for advice.  She thought Ellie Gray was too dark and that I should use “Silverplate”.  Dang it.  Then I was conflicted.


gray paint colors

So I followed my own advice in my “Picking the Right Paint Color” free video and I painted 2 big poster boards.  And then I turned into a poster board moving maniac.  I stared at the 2 colors here for a few days.


gray paint color vi

And then here.



gray paint colors II

And yes, here.


gray paint colors III

And here too.


gray paint color Iv

And surprise, in this room as well.



gray paint colors V

And then still unsure, I just painted an entire entry wall in half of the dark color and half of the light. And stared at it for another week.

Finally, feeling brave…… we went with the darker “Ellie Gray”.

And guess what? I’m obsessed.

More pics coming,





  • elizabeth says:

    Love the Ellie Gray! We are building a new home, and I have decided to go with gray. I need to get over to the SW store and see the paint samples in person. The Silverplate looked like blue in most of the pics. I think you made the right choice!!

  • Lucrecia Gray says:

    I just recently painted almost my entire house in an off white. I still like it, but darn if those grays don’t make we have second thoughts!

  • Monique says:

    We are in the process of building a new home as well. I am sure I want to go with gray, however my idea was to have a lighter gray when you walk in the foyer, on into the great room, around to the kitchen but when you walk in the foyer to the left and right are a dining room and a study. My plan was to paint those rooms gray but just a darker shade. What do you think? Plus in my kitchen, I want Alaskan white granite so I want my island black and my upper and lower cabinets gray. I don’t have a window in my kitchen actually any natural light will be coming from the window in the breakfast room area which is really an extension of the kitchen. I have to make all these decisions with nothing but my imagination to go on and I am freaking out to say the least!!!!

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