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There is a definite relationship between creative people and overwhelm.

The other day I did this quick Facebook LIVE video on 3 reasons that I believe all creative entrepreneurs need “a group” to belong to.

You can call it a “coaching group”.

You can call it a “mentor”.

Regardless of what you want to call it, go take a watch on the video. I was thrilled with the 20K views it already has. but you know what… I wasn’t surprised.

Creative people have a tendency to think they are the “only ones” going thru business challenges and when they find out there are a whole bunch of us creative knuckleheads out here going thru the same thing just at a different level… they finally feel more normal. And less alone.

I am convinced that every creative business owner needs guidance and community because creative people are wired different. And creative business owners are wired really different. The overwhelm is real.

What we charge for our services is not cut and dried like it is for an accountant or a dentist. When people buy our services or our creative things, those things are hand-made. And any time something is hand-made, there is the potential for things not to go/be right. Creative business owners can’t work normal 9-5 hours. There are times creatives feel more well, “creative” than at other times We creatives tend to more emotional and in need of positive affirmation. When people dislike what we create or make…. we take it personally. It is not like accounting.

We creative people tend to be big on ideas, but we lack follow thru.  We lack clarity. We often lack the ability to take one of those ideas and pull that stinker down and actually do it. And do you know why?

Because our minds never quit. God blessed us with the ability to have idea after idea after idea.

But idea after idea after idea can cause problems.

It can cause us to never decide on ONE thing to do because we want to do them all.

It causes confusion. Because us creative people are easily overwhelmed. The majority of us just want to make stuff and not have to worry about websites and social media and SEO and competitors and contracts and all that other stuff that makes us creatives glaze over.

All that stuff makes us overwhelmed.

And when creatives are overwhelmed…. creatives normally shut down.

And when we shut down, we do nothing. Zilch. Zero. We freeze.

Listen my friends…. shutting down will keep you stuck and it will convince you that you aren’t cut out for this business.

Unless you have support. Unless you have a group. Unless you have a cheerleader who is not only spurring you on but is also giving you the information you need to make things happen, give you direction and help alleviate your overwhelm.

My Inner Circle online coaching group does exactly that.

It’s a place for creative people to get information, get clarity, get ideas and get encouraged about growing their business.

Sign up is here.

I hope to meet you in my group.




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