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Help for your business is invaluable. Are you unsure if you need to hire help in your business or your personal life? 

Are you having a hard time letting go of control?

Do you feel like you don’t know where to start in finding the perfect person to help you?

These questions pop up in all of our heads as we work to grow our business and as our personal life explodes with activities and commitments.

It’s no secret y’all, I can’t cook and I don’t clean.  BUT… I’m really good at three things:  painting, talking and hiring help.  And I feel blessed to be able to share that knowledge with you!

I have FIVE ways to help you determine if you need to hire help.  I will also debunk all the most common excuses (because that is what they are after all) as to why you can’t hire help.  And then I’ll give you some pointers on how to find and hire that perfect person for the job.

When to Hire and Why you need to Stay in your lane Creative Business Coach Jennifer Allwood


Five Ways To Know If You NEED To Hire Help

Do I need to hire help??  First of all, if you are asking yourself or others this question, then most likely you are already past that point.  It’s time!  But below are some more specific examples to help you out…

  1. You literally just can’t keep up with your business or personal life.  Are you running ragged either in your business or personal life?  Do you spend countless hours with carpools, playdates, volunteering or chauffeuring to kid’s practices?  Are you having a hard time filling orders, marketing your business, responding to emails or posting to social media??  Then now is the time to start looking for help to relieve some of that strain.  Maybe it’s hiring someone to clean the house or maybe it’s someone to help in a specific aspect of your business.  Give yourself a break, you just can’t do it all!
  2. You can’t figure out the next step in your business.  Maybe you aren’t sure what to do next on social media.  Or you aren’t sure how to handle your finances.  Remember…STAY IN YOUR LANE!!  Do what you do best and hire someone smarter than you in those other areas.
  3. You feel like there is a shift going on in your business.  If your business is taking a turn, it is always best to seek out help to make the transition as smooth as possible.
  4. You are wanting to grow your business quickly.  Sometimes we don’t have months or years to implement things slowly.  If time is of the essences, hire help!
  5. You just absolutely hate some of the stuff you have it do in your business.  Chances are, if you don’t like it and you don’t want to do it, those are also the things you are weakest doing.  These items are the perfect things to hire someone to handle for you.  You will be happier knowing you don’t have to deal with it and odds are, with an expert handling it, it will be getting done more efficiently and effectively.  We can’t be good at everything and it is such a relief when we realize that and go with it!

Listen to my podcast with Christy Wright here — we talk about specifically how we cannot do it all as business owners.

Reasons Why You Can’t Hire Help – DEBUNKED

There are a million reasons why people believe they can’t or don’t want to hire help.  I am going to help explain why these five most common excuses are just not true.

  1. I don’t want to give up control.  Basically what you are saying is “I don’t trust myself to hire someone who can do it as well as me.” or  “I don’t trust myself to train someone to do it was well as I can”.  With this mentality, you are stifling your business.  If you want to grow your business…you must have help.  You just can’t do it all!!  Trust yourself to hire good people.  And remember, hiring someone is not permanent so if you make a mistake hiring, you can always reverse it. 
  2. I just can’t find a good quality person who will stick with me and be reliable. The truth is, you might need to consider paying them more.  Trust me on this!  It will be worth it to get quality people that you can trust by paying them more.  Or if not paying more, you might need to expect a little less.  You can’t expect $20/hour work if you are only paying $10/hour. 
  3. I’m scared people are going to steal my ideas.  This is operating from a poverty mindset my friends.  In order to get past this one, you need to work to change to an abundance mindset.  Retrain your brain to stop worrying about things you can’t control.  If something does happen, God is a great accountant.  He will level it out.  And if you have people working for you that want to go off and do their own thing, bless them and let them go.
  4. I don’t feel like it’s my work if I don’t do the whole thing.  Listen.  It’s still your vision.  It’s still your design.  It IS your work.  Remember, you don’t have to do every single step to maintain that it is something you produced.
  5. I can’t afford it. If you want your business to grow, you can’t afford NOT to hire help.  There might be a time when you aren’t making as much money but what you are getting is freedom in hours and breathing room to be creative again.  And that is so necessary to give you the time to grow your business.

Listen to my podcast with James Wedmore here. He talks about the entrepreneurial mindset vs the employee mindset. You are NOT JUST AN EMPLOYEE when you own and run your own business. He also talks about acting like a 7-figure business to BECOME  a 7-figure business.

How To Find Good Help

Social media is such a great tool in finding the right person to help in your business or your personal life.  Put it out on your personal page or ask in some of your Facebook business groups.  Maybe you are really impressed with someone’s Pinterest pins or website design, ask them who they use.  And so you aren’t limited in choices, often the people you hire don’t have to be local either – so much of the help that we need can be done remotely. 

And most importantly, when hiring a virtual assistant or someone to do finances, don’t hire your mini-me!  You want to hire someone who can fill in your gaps – find someone who’s strengths are in areas where you are weakest.

I hope by reading this, you have a better grasp on if you need to hire help.  And I hope that after I debunked the common reasons why people believe they can’t hire help, you feel better about the idea of hiring!  You can do it!  And you NEED to do it to continue to grow your business and make it as strong as it can be!!  Sometimes jumping in is the hardest part but the relief and renewed energy you will feel with be totally worth it.  I’m always rooting for you!!

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Blessings, Jen


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    Creatively out of my comfort zone! I have a had time letting go of control and this one is hard to admit out loud. I need to release the website to another. Basically anyone but me! I have no clue where to start! or how to fix the 3 that I have 3 awfully created!

    Please point me into a direction for a girl on a budget with big dreams!

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