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Who doesn’t love a good summer business hacks!? Today is a super fun podcast, friends…so different than anything I’ve done before. My Next Level Mastermind is a small, intimate group of women I work with. The coolest thing I think we do inside this coaching group is our live event together twice a year! We help women really, truly get to their next level in their business. On today’s podcast, I really want you to hear some of these success stories from some of the women inside this group. Listen and be inspired with their summer business hacks!

Hit the Highlights

[03:35] Alisha Gratehouse
[05:20] Catherine Whitcher
[07:48] Dana Nuesca
[09:58] Desi Payne
[11:17] Haley Carter
[12:49] Heather Yoder
[14:03] Halie Conley
[16:20] Dana Gayer
[17:52] Breanne Sims
[19:38] Nika Maples

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