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Jennifer Allwood | 30 Days of Prayer

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My special guest on today’s episode is the one and only Brooke Thomas!  Brooke has to be one of the most energetic and joyful people I know! And, she’s got a fabulous love of bright colors like myself. On today’s special episode, Brooke and I talk about all the things…cancer, entrepreneurship, inner critics and so much more. But we really get into silencing that voice in your head that tries to convince you that you can’t push through. Dealing with that inner critic is a passion project for Brooke and has lead her to be a big cheerleader for women! You’re going to enjoy today’s episode.

Hit the Highlights

[03:00] Meet Brooke Thomas
[11:00] Leaving Corporate America
[13:15] Believe bigger and speak it out loud
[21:00] Keeping the inner critic at bay
[27:55] Don’t throw in the towel
[31:23] Shame and women in business

About Brooke Thomas

Jennifer Allwood Brooke Thomas

Brooke Thomas is a powerhouse entrepreneur who has built an 8-figure empire empowering business women to write their own rules for success. Brooke has proven herself as an Elite Level Business Strategist leading multiple Masterminds and operating an exclusive membership-based coaching program. The Live Out Loud Masterminds operate strategically with systems that have proven to help thousands of women take their business to a level of success that they never knew was possible. Brooke hosts a successful weekly podcast, The Live Out Loud Show, giving women a free resource to create a major impact in their business, life and faith.

Brooke is also recognized as a top network marketing leader, having risen to the top at two separate companies. Brooke has mastered the science of recruiting, sales growth, duplication, and advanced mindset training while building a community of proven leaders that love what they do.
Brooke has a heart for the underserved and as a result, started a non-profit named Love Out Loud. Love Out Loud brings Faith-based business women together by offering them the opportunity to amplify their impact in the world by pooling their resources for the greater good.

Brooke’s journey began with her cancer diagnosis in 2004. She was diagnosed with stage 3 Melanoma diagnosis which was the catalyst to change her life and accelerate her pathway to success. Brooke is a highly sought after motivational and keynote speaker, author, and has been featured in numerous media outlets including Forbes, Huffington Post, and has appeared on multiple television networks.

Brooke continues to be cancer free and is determined to live her life OUT LOUD with her family in Newport Beach, California and teach other women to do the same.

Find Brooke on Instagram! Get Brooke’s FREE “Silence The Critic Playbook” by texting the word “critic” to 310-564-7438.

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