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This is a re-run of one of my popular, most-useful podcasts for creative business owners: how to free up your time in your business and your life. I have always gotten an “A” in time management. Friends and followers ask me why I don’t seem frantic and how I get so much done … with children at home too! So I am sharing my seven top time-management tips on how to plan, guard and utilize your time so you can finally implement the things you need to do in your business. When you have a business you have to teach yourself how to gain focus, especially as a creative person. There are always going to be things to distract you.  Many of you have six-figure businesses on the horizon, but the enemy is doing whatever he can to rob you of any productivity and the ability to manage your time. Let me help you with my best productivity advice- I’ve learned a thing or two!

Show Notes

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One Comment

  • Trina Moesbauer says:

    This is amazing, full of good ideas and reminders of what I know and had forgotten. Jennifer is so gifted when it comes to podcasts. I feel like she’s sitting across the table, having a chat ( but I’m drinking tea, sorry girl) and I’m the only person she’s talking to. It’s as if she’s known me for years. Thank you so much for the time you give to these podcasts.
    Also, I used to be a night person, now I work and don’t have little ones, mornings are best yime

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