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What is false humility? Friends, the idea of not being honest about your gifts can actually be a stumbling block! We don’t honor God when we don’t fully own the gifting He has given. I’m always shocked when women tell me they’re not really good at anything…that’s nonsense! God makes it clear in the Bible the gifting He gives us. Let’s talk about what false humility looks like and how it can impede your growth in your biz and in your life.

Hit the Highlights

(04:00) It’s nonsense to think you’re not gifted
(07:50) Making yourself look small in false humility
(09:00) We think we’re prideful if we accept and acknowledge gifting
(10:20) False humility is not an honor to God
(12:00) Pretending you’re on the struggle bus
(13:55) Honor God to draw others closer to Christ

Podcast Review: “So Amazing!”
Listener: Movement Warrior

“Jen, I love hearing a successful, genuine woman rock the biz but also honor God and family through it and thank you for leading me in a way that honored my values and my family through fear!!”

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