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Every day I coach creative business owners and I know their #1 challenge is that they just need more sales. It’s simple. No matter the size of their social media following or email list. They want more sales. More revenue. More paying customers. And this may be your challenge too? The truth is you can have the best coupons and shipping deals, you can have prettiest cover photos on your Facebook page, you can have the snazziest sales funnel, but when it comes down to getting the customer and getting the sale there’s definitely ONE THING you should be doing. It may take you out of your comfort zone and it’s going to require some  time and effort from you…. but when the online sales start coming in, you will be so thankful! Listen in to this episode for my one BIG SALES SECRET!

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  • Jennifer I heard your name mentioned yesterday on a YouTube channel called Southern charm wreaths I believe, thank you so much for this content, your straightforward approach is exactly what I need. I hope to join later this month if you have room for me. I’m currently on your waiting list either way I will be listening to your podcast and any other platforms you might be on. You’re honest and genuine approach is refreshing and your content is so relevant. Thank you so much, I needed this. So far I’ve listen to three of your podcast LOL it is currently 3:41 AM in the morning in South Florida, I couldn’t sleep so I figured I might as will be productive and learn.
    I just noticed you had a sling our website, honestly I don’t know what I’m doing with that I have created so that’s what I listed 🤓

  • kim parr says:

    Thank you for this, it makes perfect sense!

  • Terry Cross says:

    What a super helpful and informative Podcast, thank you for the encouragement to love my customers and share hospitality (and yes, JESUS) with them!

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