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My business totally took off once I hired my first business coach. I am living proof that biz coaches can make all the difference in your success. And working with coaches  has completely changed the future of my business and thus changed my family’s future. You already know that I am partial to business coaches and I am one myself, but I am not saying you have to join mine to be successful. There are tons of options and I want to open your eyes to the possibilities and other industries and advice that could help you. Really, I just want to share with you several reasons WHY you should invest in your business by hiring a coach. I also know some significant times WHEN you need to hire a coach for your business. And since I’ve been around the block, I have a few pointers on what to look for when hiring and where to find this dream person.  I hope you will listen to this podcast with an open mind and see why and how the right business group and coach could change your life.

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  • I love this Jennifer!! I need all the help I can get and loving all the ideas in your IC. I’m a bit of a greenhorn on podcasts, can you tell me how to leave your podcast a review on iTunes?

  • Cherie says:

    That’s It Jen! This ADHD creative genius starving artist needs a coach! God Bless You for your heart for Women in business! I so appreciate the accountability and know full well your trainings hold my missing puzzle pieces God planned for such a time as this! 😘🤗 preciate cha Sister!

    If you have any suggestions for a business coach for me I’d sure be grateful! I paint mostly but LOVE all DIY flips. Have some live shares of my work on Facebook & YouTube. (Forgive Her Lord she know noting…there’s a way that seems right… top of the mind thoughts bout my biz 🙃 lol) I’m a mess need help! I have a space in an antique mall. I want to teach women here in Charlotte at our home and online on my you tube channel.

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