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I despise all of those memes that encourage biz owners to work hard and hustle until they drop. I know, it’s so easy for us creative entrepreneurs to become workaholics because we LOVE what we do and because it doesn’t feel like work at first! But it’s not okay to sustain the level of busyness and “hard work” that will lead to burnout and not allow you to lead a successful, balanced life.  I want to share how you can do the “smart work” in your business. This means how you can work LESS hours with magnified results. Smart workers know where and how to focus their time, what relationships to utilize and how to automate systems. Get out a pen and piece of paper… this podcast is going to change your thinking and help you with some very practical tips and shortcuts. 

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  • Mindy Stedem says:

    This podcast was full of priceless advise and one I will listen to again and again if that’s what it takes to fully sink in. I am forever greatful for the Godly women such as yourself that have been placed in my life for inspiration and guidance. With Love, Your Sister in Christ Mindy

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