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Your creative talent is valuable. But I want to ask all of my creative business friends, why is is so hard for us to start charging friends and family for our creative talent?

Why do we make stuff for free and feel guilty about giving it away to those closest to us?

How do we quit doing this???

I spend a lot of time with creative people. I spend a lot of time studying how creative people’s minds work. And some of the reasons why our friends and families ask us to work for free is partly our fault.

My Best Tip for Charging Friends & Family

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Why Family & Friends ask you to work for free

1. Sometimes they just don’t know any better. Part of that, is your fault, because we as creative people, hate conflict, for the most part, and it’s just easier to just go ahead and do it for free.

2. You’ve never minded in the past so they just think that you don’t continue to mind. Creative people are emotional and heart-centered on relationships and we don’t like to create waves so we’re like, I’ll just stinking do it. Just because you worked for free in the past for family and friends, does not mean you should continue to do this today.

3. A lot of times they ask you to work for free because they don’t take you seriously. They feed off of you. So if you’re not taking your business seriously, they’re not going to take your business seriously. Do the legitimate things to get your business set up so that it’s actually legitimately a business and not just a hobby. People will treat you differently. I promise. Here are three reasons people are NOT taking your seriously.

4. Do they ask you to work for free and expect you to, because you’re that type of person also?Do you consistently ask other people with skills to do stuff for free for you? We can’t be surprised when people ask us to do the same thing, because we reap what we sow. So make sure that you honor the talents of other people and other businesses and you make sure you are paying them what they’re worth also.

Best tip: When somebody asks you to work for free, immediately, you say, “Oh I would love to do that for you; shoot me a picture and I’ll give you a price.”

Creative people can look at stuff that’s nothing and make it beautiful and that is a talent. It’s just as valuable as being an accountant or a dentist. Imagine what a boring, ugly world this would be if there weren’t all of us out there making stuff.

Know your worth, charge what you’re worth, and do not apologize.

Until next time, start implementing!!

Blessings, Jen

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