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We are making progress with updating our new home! 

Recap: If you’ve been following our story, we put our last home on the market four years ago and it didn’t sell. So we took some time to fix it up and then this winter it finally sold! FINALLY! It was not easy, you guys but we had fun documenting the DIY home projects on this blog. You can see all of those last home projects here.

So now we are in the new home and doing extensive remodels but enjoying the bigger space for our family of five and the thought of being able to host Bible studies and large groups more easily. The funny thing is, we moved into a home I had faux painted with my decorative painting company!! So there is a lot to “undo”. You can see the new home projects here

So one of the easier projects I wanted to do was paint all of the interior doors and really make them unique … 

Gray Interior Doors Jennifer ALlwood

This gives you an idea what the doors looked like before! Notice all the dark faux finishing and dark tile, which we already replaced with hardwood floors. 

Gray Interior Doors Jennifer Allwood

And this is how they looked after! What a difference a color of makes!!! This is the door in my floral craft room, which you can see here

Let me tell you what we did exactly and what my thought process was … 

Gray Interior Doors Jennifer Allwood

All of the interior doors painted in Sherwin Williams’ Pewter Cast color. We had the painter SPRAY them so they would be more durable and so that the finish would be more “seamless,” for lack of a better word. 

Gray Interior Doors Jennifer Allwood

We weren’t able to spray paint the  front doors so you can see paint lines on it. But it’s all good.

Gray Interior Doors Jennifer Allwood

In my last house all of my doors were black, which you can see here, and in this house I wanted to do something different. I’ve already done black. White just felt too boring. I thought about going the same color gray as what’s on the walls, get that color here. But that didn’t seem like it was going to pop either so I wanted to go just a couple of shades darker.

Pewter Cast is the color we used in Noah’s bedroom in our old house — aka the baseball room, which you can see here. So we tried Pewter Cast on the doors and I absolutely, positively love it! It’s also on my list of 50+ favorite paint colors, which you download for FREE right here.

Gray Interior Doors Jennifer Allwood

I’m posting almost daily about all the fun Allwood Home changes — Follow me on Instagram Stories for more!!!  @jenniferallwood.

What do you think of the doors? Have you used a non-traditional color on your interior doors?? I’d love to know!



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