I am so honored to have worked with thousands of business owners in the over the years to grow and build their creative businesses online.

And through those 1,000+ businesses, I have seen some common struggles.  Common concerns. Common themes.

One of those themes is that some women tell me that they are trying hard to get their business up and running, but that no one is taking them seriously.

And I know that stings.

You are trying hard. You’re doing all the right things. You are needing encouragement and instead feel like you are getting eye rolling.  I get it.

I did this Facebook LIVE video above addressing why people often don’t take you seriously:

Timestamp 3:15    1)  YOU don’t take your biz seriously. You play. You aren’t being professional with a business page. You talk a lot. You don’t have good boundaries. You don’t charge enough and you can’t say no.

Timestamp 12:15  2)  You have a history of flakiness, not following through, changing your mind, etc. You need to work on your “flake factor” for anyone to take you seriously.

Timestamp 20:16 3)  They just don’t get it and you can’t expect them to understand your world.

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